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I want Tim Tebow to fail


I have never written those words about an athlete before. Actually, I don’t think I’ve ever written those words about a person before. But I want Tim Tebow to fail. I want a team to draft him in the sixth round, then I want him to report to training camp, throw a bunch of dying quails and be cut. I don’t want him physically injured; hell, I don’t even want him to live anything but a happy life.

But I want him to fail in the NFL nonetheless, because a famous Tim Tebow is a dangerous Tim Tebow.

Tim Tebow scares me, and—judging from his father’s website, his upcoming Super Bowl ad and mounting knowledge of his way of life—he should scare you, too. Tim Tebow doesn’t play football merely for the joy of the game. He plays football because he wants to spread the word of Jesus Christ. But not merely spread it. He wants you to accept it and, if you don’t embrace it, he wants you to think again about embracing it. And, if you still don’t embrace it, he wants you to think again. And again. And again. If, in the end, you’re still not sold, you will burn in hell. This is not merely Tim Tebow’s opinion—but he knows it, in his soul and heart and mind. Christians who accept Jesus will spend an eternity in bliss. Those who don’t are doomed.

Some call this faith.

I call it f***ing insanity.

I know, I know—everyone has a right to believe what they want … faith is admirable … you’ve gotta respect his feelings. Well, bulls***. I do not have to respect this sort of damaging craziness, where a group of people go to foreign, oft-Third World nations and convert the so-thought-of “savages” (ie: those who don’t know Christ). Wanna know what Tim Tebow and his people think? Go to his father’s website and take a long gander …

• Jesus tells us in John 4:35b, “Behold, I say to you, lift up your eyes, and look on the fields, that they are white for harvest!” For over 23 years, BTEA has focused on the incredible harvest of souls that are being reaped within the Philippines; but like any harvest, it is certain to be ripe only for a season.

• Our PLAN is to preach the Gospel in every village in the Philippines in the next few years. The task is great, but God specializes and delights in doing the impossible! We intend to increase our staff of national evangelists to 60. By dividing the country into theaters of operation, with each evangelist assigned to a specific area, and working extremely hard, we intend to preach the Gospel in every village.

•  We believe in a literal Tribulation period after the rapture that will last seven years. This time period reflects the shift in God’s working from the Church to Israel. It is during this time that the antichrist will appear. There will be people saved during this period, but many will be martyred. As the Tribulation period comes to a close, the armies of the world will gather at Armageddon. The Lord will then return to the earth to defeat the armies arrayed against Israel and to reign over the whole earth (Revelation 19:11-16; Zechariah 14:1-11). This is the physical, literal thousand-year Millennial rule of Christ on earth. The time will be marked by peace (Zechariah 8:45), righteousness (Isaiah 32:1), and prosperity (Isaiah 35:1-7), and the earth will be full of the knowledge of the Lord (Isaiah 2:2-3). During this time, Satan will be bound.

• We believe that at the end of the Millennium there will be one final rebellion of man ending in a last battle and victory of God. The universe will be destroyed, followed by the judgment at the Great White Throne. Here, all of the unregenerate of all time will be raised from the dead (rather, reunited with their bodies, for the unsaved dead are in hell now [Luke 16:19-31]) and judged on the basis of their works. Everyone judged according to his or her works will be cast into the lake of fire for all eternity (Revelation 20:11-15).

Uh, yeah.

Jason Fagone wrote an excellent Tebow piece for Slate, and he feels as I do—we need to stop embracing this dogmatic lunacy merely because it comes from the mouth of a supposed “good guy” jock. I don’t care how nice Tim Tebow is. If he’s in an ad for Focus on the Family; if he believes homosexuality is sinful and women are here to serve their men and Jews and Muslims and agnostics and the rest of us are sinful, well, to hell with him.

There are stands, and there are principled stands.

Let’s stop applauding the former.

  • Marty

    I’m right with you on this one.

    Sad thing is, he could run for office in Florida right now and be elected. So even if football doesn’t work out, he can still turn to politics. I get the feeling that he knows this too.

  • kab

    a liberal who’s anti religion and free speech?

    hypocrite much??

  • I’m not a Tim Tebow fan, I think that he was a very good college quarterback but I don’t expect him to do much in the NFL.

    I’m Catholic, but my views aren’t lock step with the church. I’m not going to list them here, because that’s besides the point.

    But Jeff, your constant Christian bashing is getting absolutely ridiculous. From your post on Christmas and why you hate the season to stuff like this, you write like a bigot.

    And the ironic thing is, you think that you’re exposing another person’s bigotry.

    From what I can tell Tim Tebow is just a dude that likes to play football and likes Jesus Christ. Saying that you want him to fail is no different than the ignorant bigots who wanted Sandy Koufax to fail because he celebrated Yom Kippur and would not pitch in the 1965 World Series.

    In a lot of your posts you claim that you’ve grown up since your Tennessee days. I don’t believe it.

  • FrankD

    Wow. You have no idea how hard this entry hit me. Somebody *finally* put into words what I’ve been trying to say for three years. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

  • Ron

    Let me get this straight. You want Tim Tebow to fail at athletics because you reject his Christian “dogma”?

    So is it ok for someone to want you to fail as a writer if they reject your Jewish “dogma”?

    Or is that Racism?

    Just wondering….

  • Joe

    Tim Tebow will fail not because you want him to Jeff, but because he’s just not very good. He’s a great college quarterback, but he won’t cut it in the NFL. The constant media praise for being a “good guy” has masked that he’s not a good quarterback.

    That being said, I have a question about your thesis. Is it OK for an athlete to be like Kurt Warner — openly praise Jesus, be devout and all that — you just don’t want him to be a missionary? Is that where your whole hang up lies?

  • Matt

    Why would someone who disagrees with Tebow want him to fail. What’s the big deal if his success enables him to help more missionaries convert people in third-world countries. Don’t missionaries help more than they hurt? Don’t these people need physical assistance. Isn’t the charity they are doing helpful. And aren’t the people they are converting real people with free-will – is anyone being forced? Even if you think these third-world inhabitants are being taught hateful bunk, what are they going to do with that bunk — convert and help others? As long as they aren’t killing each other, aren’t they doing more good than not.
    And if they think I am going to hell, who cares — if I don’t believe it, why should I care? I am scared of Islamic jihadists, not Tebow. Even though he has me going to hell, I want him to succeed just to drive the left nuts. Also, although the apple didn’t fall far from the tree with Mel Gibson, I can’t really judge Tebow based on his father.

  • Hef

    I want Tebow to fail too but only because it will send Thom Brennaman into a bout of depression from which there is no return.

  • Parker

    While I don’t agree with you on this subject, I don’t mind you sharing it – after all, it’s your blog. Just wanted to help you with a couple misconceptions about Tebow and Christianity.

    Nowhere does Tebow or the Bible affirm that “women are here to serve their men.” Sometimes certain verses are taken out of context by the ill-informed or poor-intentioned, but that is not the position the Bible espouses or Tebow holds.

    Also, Christians don’t think of “non-Christians” as more sinful than those in the faith, although unfortunately that’s the erroneous message that often gets portrayed. A central tenet of Christianity is that we’re all sinners (Romans 3:10, Romans 3:23), and Christ-followers are not morally superior, just saved by a God who is.

    I’m sure you have other reasons why Tebow’s faith offends you – there’s no need to add imaginary ones.

  • Greg

    Jeff, I am disappointed by your latest post. I’m an Alabama fan I don’t wish this on him. I wanted to see him humbled though, and that happened in the SEC Championship Game. Living in the South, I’ve listened and watched several interviews of his parents. They stike me as being extremely creepy! As their child, of course some of the same beliefs will rub off on him. Still, there are millions of people on this planet who probably have similar views. For instance those child enticers…I mean missioners in Haiti who tried to take the “orphans” out of the country.

  • Jacob

    Christ, I hate Jesus freaks as much as the next guy. But, God damn it, if the guy wants to “spread the word”, more power to him. Just don’t bother me about it, heh…

  • Jason

    AND lets not forget that despite what time tebow or mrs tebow would like to think, abortion of ALL KINDS (even in emergencies) have been illegal in the phillipines since 1930.

  • Fitz

    Jeff, who would you like to see have a more successful NFL career from this point forward, Tebow or Michael Vick?

  • Spiderman


    Wrong. Abortion is allowed in case of mother’s life in danger. And though the restrictions against abortion are strong, the enformcements are not. Prosecution for having illegal abortions are rare in that country. So a law with little enforcement is no deterrent to anything.

    Look at the UN info on abortion law in the Philippines and in practice, before you spew talking points of Marcotte, Jacobson, and Allred, that are one-sided and misleading:


    Grounds on which abortion is permitted:

    To save the life of the woman Yes

    To preserve physical health No

    To preserve mental health No

    Rape or incest No

    Foetal impairment No

    Economic or social reasons No

    Available on request No

    Although the Penal Code does not list specific exceptions to the general prohibition on abortion, under the general criminal law principles of necessity as set forth in article 11(4) of the Code, an abortion MAY BE LEGALLY performed to save the pregnant woman’s life.

    Despite the severity of the law, abortion appears to be widely practised in the Philippines as a means of birth control and is RARELY PROSECUTED. The International Planned Parenthood Federation reports estimates ranging from 155,000 to 750,000 induced abortions per year.

  • Spiderman

    The link to the UN info site on the Phillipines abortion law is here:

  • Adam

    wow, your such a bigot, and you call yourself liberal. I’m a liberal democrat an you are why we losing power. You narrow-minded and don’t really care about free speech, you preach but you don’t pratice. What if I said I want your kids to fail? You would blast me and call me out like you should.

  • Frankly, I’m not sure I see the danger in a famous Tebow. He’s far from the first evangelical christian to make it big in sports (ie: prayer huddles after games) and far from the first athlete to hold opinons which I disagree with.

    But aren’t people smart enough to make their own decisions? I find it hard to believe that somebody would decide to not get an abortion because a football player – or the parent of a football player, even – told them it was a sin.

    A side note: how did you feel when Steve Young turned pro? As I recall, he’s somebody who’s beliefs fell not too far from Tebow’s.

  • Danny A

    Jews don’t go around the world, ir their own neighborhoods, or anywhere else and try to push their beliefs about god or morality or anyone else. Tebow takes the approach of if you don’t believe in my god, you suck and are inferior to me. Jews will accept you if toy want to be accepted, but will never attempt to convert you. Tebow thanks Jesus for every win. Was it jesus’ fault that he sucked against ‘bama?

  • Long-time reader. Never was moved to Post. Now I am.
    Huzzah, Mr. Pearlman.
    A fucking excellent show of balls, and a well-presented case against the madness of inflexible minds.

  • FrankD

    Some people don’t seem to understand “bigotry”. Bigotry has to do with *immutable* characteristics, things that cannot be changed: skin color, ethnicity, height, eye color..and, yes, sexual orientation.

    Bigotry has *nothing* to do with belief systems. And we recognize this in almost all things. To wit, if Jeff posted that he thought Hall and Oates were better than Springsteen, and I responded that he was a bloomin’ idiot :), nobody’d accuse me of *bigotry*.

    Ah, but the minute it’s *religious* beliefs, all of a sudden it’s different. Bullhockey. Religious beliefs are *not* immutable. Many people have changed theirs. (Including me; I threw off the Catholic brainwashing in my early 20’s.) Saying your religious beliefs are insane is exactly the same thing as saying Jeff’s Hall and Oates worship is insane. *Exactly* the same thing.

    As for Jeff’s Jewishness, that’s tricky, because “Jewish” can be a religious definition, but it’s *always* an ethnic definition. And most anti Semites use the ethnic definition (including Hitler, who gassed ethnic Jews who had religiously converted).

  • Nik Jones

    Since I feel that religion is a colossal waste of everyone’s time, I’ve decided to address certain comments here.

    2. kab: Nope, not anti-religion or anti-free speech at all. It appears that the point of the post is that Tebow is trying to shove HIS views down OUR throat, and if we do not accept them, then we’re going to Hades. Some people say Hell, I say Hades. Mmm-hm.

    3. Byron: Nope, not Christianity bashing, either. If I was to say, “Christianity is a total cult that produces mindless robots, and every Christian is a moron,” well, that would be bashing Christianity. Again, the post is pointing out that Tebow and his father feel like they have to “save” the Philippines with their specific brand of saving, which is Christianity. Doesn’t matter what other Filipinos might believe; the Tebows are right and everyone else is wrong.

    5. Ron: Jeff is not necessarily rejecting Tim Tebow’s dogma, but rather Tebow’s insistence that he is right, that Christianity is the only “correct” religion, and that if you don’t buy into it, you fry. If I had to guess, I’m sure that Jeff, being Jewish, accepts certain ideas and values from the Christian dogma.

    7. Matt: Absolutely nothing wrong with helping and assisting third word countries (see: Haiti). I think the problem is that the help is not entirely altruistic. Basically it’s, “We’ll help you out IF you accept Jesus as your Lord and Savior.” If I was homeless and starving, and someone offered me room and board as long as I acknowledged that Kevin Costner and Keanu Reeves were the two greatest living actors ever, I guarantee you I’d be figuring out an Oscar campaign for the two of them. It’s the same deal with the Tebows’s seemingly generous help.

    9. Parker: Where do I begin? How about this from the Bible, a favorite of mine:
    Ephesians 5:22-24 (King James Version)
    22Wives, submit yourselves unto your own husbands, as unto the Lord.
    23For the husband is the head of the wife, even as Christ is the head of the church: and he is the saviour of the body.
    24Therefore as the church is subject unto Christ, so let the wives be to their own husbands in every thing.
    There are others, but I dig that one. Seems pretty in context to me.
    Also, perhaps Christ-followers do not seem to think of themselves as morally superior, but they sure as shit think their cult – I mean, beliefs – are the One True Way and that if we’re not on board, we’re headed to “the lake of fire for all eternity (Revelation 20:11-15).”
    And again, I doubt it’s Tebow’s faith that “offends” Jeff, at least by reading his post. It appears that he’s offended by the manner and methodology of Tebow’s faith.

    16. Adam: Nope, not a bigot. If anything, Tebow’s closer to being a bigot thanks to his myopic view of the world.

    17. Mark Milner: No, most people aren’t smart enough to make their own decisions. That’s why we have religion.

    4, 18. FrankD: Right on.

  • I had the thought several times, watching him in action and speaking over the past couple of years, that he was a lot more likely to be POTUS than to earn a Super Bowl ring as his life plays out.

    That eventuality could turn out to be a nightmare, but I would not presume to predict as much right now. He is not foreordained to stick to the rapture-porn fantasies of his Pap. Unlike most Americans, he has spent significant time outside the USA during his formative years — and unlike all but a tiny fraction (including our current president), he has spent time among the poor and suffering of another country.

    The guy has extraordinary leadership skills that he may yet apply for good or ill. But he’s not yet a fully formed man.

  • Kyle Smith


    The funny thing is, Tim Tebow probably feels the exact opposite about you.

    As (self-proclaimed atheist) Penn Jillette said, “if someone really believes that a person’s eternity is at stake, then the most hateful thing they could do is not tell them about it.” (paraphrase)

    Tim Tebow and many other evangelical Christians talk about Jesus out of love for others…which seems like a far better motive then that which drives most people.

  • Mark

    So do you feel the same way about Kurt Warner ? Just curious…

  • Parker

    Nik – Good work leaving out the verses immediately before and after. Ephesians 5:21 says that both man and woman should submit to each other. Ephesians 5:25 says to love your wife to the point of death, which obviously includes submitting to her needs. But sure, it’s much more convenient to just accept that the Bible preaches that women are inferior.

    Regarding the intolerance of other views, you can’t come in preaching that Christians are intolerant and then later say that we have religion because people aren’t smart enough – what happened to tolerance my friend?
    In effect, you’ve just done the same thing you accuse Tebow of. Well done.

    Of course you can think we’re idiots for believing – just don’t pretend that Christians are the only ones that claim to have cornered the market on what’s right and wrong – since you’ve clearly stated that Tebow’s methodology is wrong.

  • Kyle Smith

    Parker (and my other brothers),

    While I agree with most of your points, lets remember that Jesus died for us when we too were yet sinners. Paul reminds us to have this attitude, “24 And the Lord’s servant must not be quarrelsome but kind to everyone, able to teach, patiently enduring evil, 25 correcting his opponents with gentleness.”

    If we want to debate (and I think it is fair to say Jeff knew a debate was coming when he wrote this), then lets do so in a way that reflects the gospel. That is, no man is good or wise on his own but rather only through the great sacrifice and love of Christ.

  • Jim


    I lived in a third world country that had all kinds of missionaries, and I can tell you that most did not provide aid on the condition of religious conversion. Yes, they were looking for converts, but keep in mind that for many their service fulfills their own personal mission as well.

    As for Tebow, the best thing I read today was: if you don’t want to hear what he has to say on his commercial, go make a sandwich.

  • Nik Jones

    26. Parker: How does Ephesians 5:21 and Ephesians 5:25 negate what’s in Ephesians 5:22-24? I can’t help but notice that nowhere in Ephesians does it say that the husband must respect his wife also, just to love her as he loves himself. Seems like a bit of inequality going on there, “my friend.”
    The reason it’s convenient to accept that the Bible preaches that women are inferior is because IT IS preached, and not in just Ephesians. Here’s a few more “out of context” verses:

    “And the daughter of any priest, if she profane herself by playing the whore, she profaneth her father: she shall be burnt with fire.” (Leviticus 21:9)

    “When men strive together one with another, and the wife of the one draweth near for to deliver her husband out of the hand of him that smiteth him, and putteth forth her hand, and taketh him by the secrets: then thou shalt cut off her hand, thine eye shall not pity her.” (Deuteronomy 25:11-12)
    (I kinda dig it when my wife takeths my secrets… just not too rough.)

    “Speak unto the children of Israel, saying, If a woman have conceived seed, and born a man child: then she shall be unclean seven days; according to the days of the separation for her infirmity shall she be unclean.” (Leviticus 12:2)

    “But if she bear a maid child, then she shall be unclean two weeks, as in her separation: and she shall continue in the blood of her purifying threescore and six days.” (Leviticus 12:5)

    “But I would have you know, that the head of every man is Christ; and the head of the woman is the man; and the head of Christ is God.” (I Corinthians 11:3)

    “For the man is not of the woman; but the woman of the man. Neither was the man created for the woman; but the woman for the man.” (I Corinthians 11:8-9)

    There’s a bunch of others, but I wanted to address a couple of other things.

    In my comment, I myself never actually said that Christians are intolerant. Tim Tebow appears to be, as does his dad. Are ALL Chrisitans intolerant? I doubt that.

    However, just for kicks, let’s presume I did say, “Christians are intolerant.” Well, this would be EXACTLY why they need their religion as a crutch: because they’re not smart enough to think for themselves, and that EVERYTHING in the Bible is true. Or is it SOME of the Bible. Actually, let me ask you: what parts of the Bible should we follow? Is slavery really ok with you?

    Why do I have to be tolerant? Tim Tebow and his ilk sure don’t appear to be about Mohamed, gays, and abortions. I can be just as intolerant as Tebow, but I cannot afford a Super Bowl ad that says, “Religion is a big waste of your time.” (I doubt that it would air, even if I had the support of the American Atheists funding it. How’s THAT for intolerance?)

    I’m not sure I think you’re idiots for believing… just disappointed. The older I get, the less and less religion makes sense. Jeff’s a pretty smart guy, and I agree with him on most things. But no, I still don’t understand how he and others can believe that there’s a “God” watching over us and all that. Well, maybe He’s watching, but probably giggling… do you really think He’s controlling all this chaos down here? Not bloody likely.

    Believe me, I don’t think that “Christians are the only ones that claim to have cornered the market on what’s right and wrong.” Just about every major and minor religion has their own,uh, unique way of expressing that. (I’m looking at you, Mormons.)

    And finally, I never said that Tebow’s methodology is wrong, Jeff did (or I think that’s what he was driving at in the post). But since I agree with Jeff on this one: Tebow’s methodology is wrong.

    27. Kyle Smith: You’ve got to be kidding.

    28. Jim: Thanks, and I mean that sincerely. I honestly did not know that it wasn’t a tit-for-tat thing. I would have tried to join the Peace Corps, except that I have little to no skills. Seriously.

  • Tim C

    This blog and comment trail are ridiculous. Jeff your comments about Tim Tebow are based on assuming what he believes is based on nothing truthful. Do some research man. I think you would agree that there is nothing more annoying or frustrating than listening to someone boldly make their uneducated opinion known and pretending that there is no room for another view point. Despite what you think Tim Tebow has done you my friend are guilty of that.

    Nik this goes for you too. The next time you see a missionary withhold bread from someone because they don’t accept Jesus let me know, I’ll smack them in the face for you. That is not how missions work. Do some research. I doubt you have ever been on a mission and probably speak from a severe lack of experience of service to humanity in general. If I am wrong I’ll own up and eat my words something I bet you have to do fairly often but probably shy away from.

    • Tim, your final point misses the point. Intent matters. The day I never, ever, ever hear another word about “eternal salvation” is the day I’ll agree Christianity has its priorities and message straight. Until then, motives deserve to be questioned.

  • Tim C


    Your lack of knowledge on what the bible actually teaches is killing me. The bible calls for men to love their wives like Christ loved the church. He died for the church nik. He gave his entire life to it. Also in ancient times woman were considered inferior and their word was not good anywhere let alone in a court of law, yet time after time women were used as primary witnesses to what Christ had done and also were commended for their service and work. Read some other historical texts from that time period that didn’t happen then by anyone but Christians.

  • Kyle Smith

    Statement #1 – Christians should be loving and kind.

    Statement #2 – When they are, lets make fun of them.

    Nik, I challenge you to read the Bible as it was meant to be read, as a meta-narrative (i.e. the story of eternity) and not just proof-text (i.e. grab random verses to prove your point…. p.s. I am sorry that so many Christians do this).

    If you do so, afterward see if you still believe that the Bible teaches that God views men above women in regards to creation/purpose/soul.

  • Tim C

    Thanks for your comments. You obviously have a better temperament than I do so I am going to bow out of this one as gracefully as I still can.

  • Tim C

    Jeff, it took me a minute to understand your comment, not your fault I was just trying to place exactly what you meant to my comment. I am assuming you meant when I said Christ died for the church. Regardless of whether or not you believe this actually has any effect or not, Jesus Christ died believing it did and he told us to follow his example in loving our wives. Meaning to give our lives to them as he did for the church. But I understand where you are coming from, I am just saying that eternal salvation doesn’t necessarily have anything to do with that specific command to love our wives.

    Ok now I promise to just read unless someone really wants a reply to something and asks specifically for it.

  • Nik Jones

    Kyle: There are some Christians I know that are loving and kind. Then there are others that are huge hypocrites that make me want to kick them in the secrets. I don’t think either Jeff or myself were making fun of Christians (although, speaking for myself, I do enjoy that from time to time…). I thought Jeff was pointing out that Tebow and his Christian brethren had the APPEARANCE of being loving and kind, when, in fact, it was a disguise for his right-wing, crypto-fascism. Eh, that’s probably MY view of Tebow.

    So the Bible is a meta-narrative? Never thought of it quite like that… maybe I’ll give it a try.

    • Leslie

      Especially read Revelation, the last Book in the Bible, which is full of imagery and symbolism. Much of what is in this blog that quotes Tim’s Dad references the Book of Revelation. It is quite different than most other Books of the Bible, although Daniel also has some references to the end times.

  • Nik Jones

    Tim C: Man, you nailed me. How did you know I lived in an ACTUAL ivory tower, puffing away on my fat cigar, while I burn copies of the Bible I stole from churches all over South Florida? No, I’ve never been on a mission, so I guess that also means I’ve never helped a soup kitchen or a homeless shelter or even (gasp!) a church. It’s like you looked into my soul, man. And no, I didn’t go to a Catholic high school for four years and learned NOTHING about the bible. You should be a profiler for FBI or something.

  • Kyle Smith

    Nik: Good stuff, bro. Truth be told, I make fun of Christians too sometimes (myself included). We can do some weird stuff when we forget the Gospel and start being religious (if you have any church background Check out for a good laugh). I try to take Jesus and his gospel very seriously, but myself? not so much.

    Jeff: Come on buddy, everyone has a motive behind what they do (whether it be to tell people about their faith, to feel good about themselves, to look good in front of others, to receive positive karma, or to sleep with a hot peace corp lady). To say that someone’s action with without motive is just not in line with reality. A better question would be, is your motive selfish or selfless?

  • Darrin

    I am so sick of weak-minded pussies and their “shoving down our throat”

    Fuck you. No one shoves anything down your throat. You swallow.

    You don’t want to believe what Tebow does? No one is making you.

    You don’t like what he says? No one is making you listen.

    You don’t want to watch his ad? Get up and get another beer when it plays.

    And stop whining. You sound like a punk.

  • Nik Jones

    Wow, Darrin, your arguments are cogent and well thought out. It’s pretty clear your classical education has served you well and put us bitches in our place. Nice dunk, bro.

  • Darrin

    An argument that basically says, “I want someone to fail because my beliefs are not strong enough to withstand someone else’s beliefs” deserves worse than I gave.

  • Nik Jones

    No, Darrin, not at all what the post is saying. Not even close, really.

  • Darrin

    That’s exactly what it’s saying.

    The post bitches because Tebow has strong beliefs. It bitches because Tebow wants to convert others. It bitches because Tebow doesn’t fit into the little box.

    I find Tebow tiresome. I have no interest in what he preaches.

    But I think this notion of “Shoving down my throat” is dangerous. Not Tebow. The fact that people are so pathetic and weak-willed that their only response to an uncomfortable statement is to try to silence that person.

    And that is to say nothing of the hypocrisy of the sports media, who bemoans the lack of interesting athletes, then stomps down the one who says something.

    Nor does it say anything of the hypocrisy of women’s groups letting every single beer-bikini commerical go without a comment, but only speaking up when a woman talks about the CHOICE (heh) she made to keep a baby.

    The pro-choice movement doesn’t give a fuck about choice. They want abortions and any woman who doesn’t get one must be damaged, abused or unable to speak up.

    There are a lot of hypocrites here. Tebow isn’t one of them.

  • Nik Jones

    Now that’s an argument. Well done.

  • Drew

    I find it very interesting that a person who is not a Christian (Pearlman) has suddenly decided that HE is the one who will determine what is and what is not a proper motive for a believer. Missionary Evangelism = to hell with Tebow. If, however, he was a missionary who focused on charitable motives, then fine. And if he believed that his religion was no more important than any other, then, well, that’d be fine as well.

    Serious question – since when did a non-Christian become the authority on who and what Christianity is all about?

  • Jesus

    The guy mails in articles, and was burned by Pirate fans of all people on it.

    You expect him to tackle religion?

  • Fitz

    I’m done reading this blog. I’m a huge fan of Jeff’s work, but his blog is a little weird/corny. And this one about Tebow is kind of foolish. Tebow is doing great work in the poor countries, regardless of his religious/social beliefs or the details of his birth, that should be applauded.

    I’m gonna take Darrin’s advice and get another beer while Pearlman sticks things up his nose.

  • Fitz

    . . . and that is some crazy shit on Mr. Tebow’s website. Is he really claiming a Y3K end of the world? Awesome.

  • Meat

    It would be interesting to see how you would’ve commented on him if he were a Muslim instead of a Christian. At least he’s not flying planes into buildings and blowing up innocent people. He makes an open statement about his beliefs and walks his talk. Pretty tough to do in this social climate. Hmmmmm. Whenever you’re out front, somebody always wants to take a “cheap” shot at you because it’s soooo easy. then you can go run and hide behind the first ammendment. A keyboard jockey such as yourself doesn’t possess the nutsack to say something that you write to someone’s face. That’s why you do what you do. Nice character trait there Jeffy boy.

  • Wha?

    “A keyboard jockey such as yourself doesn’t possess the nutsack to say something that you write to someone’s face.”
    Query — if Jeff did say any of this to Tebow’s face, wouldn’t Tebow just turn his cheek, as in Matthew 5:38-42? Just askin’.

  • Swim

    Are there really people still left out there that don’t understand the difference between being anti-religion and wanting to dissolve “freedom of speech?”
    It’s not that hard to grasp. You can say whatever you want, and believe whatever you want. But we also have the right to say that we think your religion is dangerous, harmful and wrong. No one said you shouldn’t be allowed to speak. It’s just that the idea that religion is automatically untouchable and beyond reproach is rejected by us.
    Yet another example of people who spew all the rhetoric that they’ve heard on FOX News, without taking the time to think about whether or not the accusation actually holds water. Behold the power of reason! Really. Get a grip.

  • Swim

    “Nor does it say anything of the hypocrisy of women’s groups letting every single beer-bikini commerical go without a comment”

    You must not actually know anything about “women’s groups” because they most certainly DO comment on the beer-bikini commercials. It’s just that those companies who use those commercials make too much money, and aren’t gonna stop airing them just because women complain. If the complaints of women’s groups actually got men to stop buying the product being advertised, then maybe it would make a difference.

    “…only speaking up when a woman talks about the CHOICE (heh) she made to keep a baby.The pro-choice movement doesn’t give a fuck about choice. They want abortions and any woman who doesn’t get one must be damaged, abused or unable to speak up.”

    Again, you obviously didn’t actually listen to the women who are angry about this ad. The point for them is first of all the attempt to shame women who do choose to abort. And second, that if this ad can go on air, then an ad FOR choice should be allowed to air also. But there’s no way in hell a network is going to air that because they’re afraid of the backlash. See, when you say, “They want abortions and any woman who doesn’t get one must be damaged, abused or unable to speak up,” we say, “pot, meet kettle.” It’s the pro-choicers who are not being allowed to “speak up” if it’s our ad you won’t air, but you WILL air the other one.

  • Mevin

    This kid has done made more of a positive impact in the world by his early 20’s than you will your whole life. Mull that over a while.

  • Brian McDowell

    I think, of everyone here, I agree with Darrin the most. I am not Christian and not a Tebow fan, but to wish that this kid fails just because his parents installed him with some wacky beliefs about imaginary zombies like Jesus is asinine.
    I really don’t see what the big deal is. If Tebow wants to make stupid statements after his games, if he really thinks that God favors the Florida Gators over every other college team, if he does, in fact, think everyone in the Phillippines is a “savage” that needs good white Christians to help them, if he thinks abortion and gays are evil, so what? How do the delusional views of a football player affect my life? They don’t. As long as he doesn’t hurt anybody off the field and his team covers the point spread, I don’t care what the guy says or does, and neither should any other self-respecting non-Christian.
    I’m not going to get up in arms about his stupid Super Bowl commercial either, even though I’m not completely anti-abortion. His mother chose to have a baby despite the medical risks, and that baby turned out to be a good college quarterback. She made a “choice” that seemingly worked out in her favor. Good for her. Why would any liberal be upset by that?
    If they think that a stupid Super Bowl is going to make so much damaging political impact, why don’t all the Hollywood pro-choice crowd kick in their own money and run their own Super Bowl commercial about how wonderful abortion is? Either that or they could ignore all of this silliness, stop whining and move on with their lives.
    Any idiot that goes to church or avoids an abortion just because a football player tells them to deserves whatever fate befalls them. Such stupid people are going to be screwed no matter who their influences are. At least Tebow might provide them with an example that is a little bit positive, and won’t lead to them joining gangs, or shooting heroin into their eyeballs, or participating in dogfighting rings.

  • Darrin

    Brian, the “pro-choice” movement doesn’t celebrate Mrs. Tebow’s choice because she made the wrong choice.

    And I am not mad at Jeff for being a non-Christian speaking about Christianity. I’m mad at him for being a wimp about it.

    And really? We’re worried about an ATHLETE?

    Kurt Warner is just as much of a Christian zealot as Tebow. Kurt Warner played in three Super Bowls. At one point in 1999-01, he was the best QB in the NFL and he was the most famous.

    The Republic somehow survived.

  • FrankD

    Everyone who thinks that Tebow is “doing great work in the poor countries” should be subjected to an hour long rant from my Filipino sister in law about how badly the missionaries (of all stripes) have fucked up the country of her birth. And, believe me, she’s got the hour long rant.

  • Jim


    The ‘pro-choice’ movement doesn’t have an issue with Mrs. Tebow’s choice. They have an issue with her contention that it should be the only choice. To suggest that the movement only wants abortions is asinine.

  • Frank, you are wrong about your definition of bigotry. You say, “Some people don’t seem to understand “bigotry”. Bigotry has to do with *immutable* characteristics, things that cannot be changed: skin color, ethnicity, height, eye color..and, yes, sexual orientation.”

    However, the dictionary definition is:

    bigot: –noun a person who is utterly intolerant of any differing creed, belief, or opinion.


    bigot: n. One who is strongly partial to one’s own group, religion, race, or politics and is intolerant of those who differ.

    Where in either of those definitions is the part that says “characteristics that can not be changed”?

    Also, say your definition is correct (and make no mistake, it isn’t) why should Tim Tebow change his religion to fit Jeff Pearlman’s world view? Who the hell is Jeff Pearlman to expect this?

    But that’s really not the point, the point I think that many people who disagree with Pearlman’s post is that they see him as a complete and total hypocrite.

    Put it this way, if Mike Lupica blogged that he wanted to see Kevin Youkilis fail because he’s Jewish,Pearlman would probably write a 3500-word entry about how wrong Lupica is. And, of course, Pearlman would be correct.

    How does writing an entry entitled “I Want Tim Tebow to Fail” and then saying that the main reason is because he’s an ultra-Christian? How is that any different?

    I am not a religious guy by any stretch of the imagination.I find people who are too religious annoying as hell (just as I find the folks who are too anti-religion just as annoying) but it’s not ok to dislike a person simply because he practices a different religion than you.

    And I think this is what people are missing.

    You don’t like Tim Tebow? That’s cool, but dislike him because he’s over-hyped or has a stupid throwing motion or plays for the Florida Gators. Don’t dislike the guy because he’s a Christian.

    Because as soon as you say that, you lose credibility as an intelligent speaker. A logical jump could be, if Pearlman doesn’t like Tebow because he’s Christian, maybe he doesn’t like LeBron James because he’s black or Wayne Gretzky because he’s Canadian.

    In the end, it’s not going to make a crap-load of difference any way. Pearlman is going to look a these comments as wrong-headed and ignorant and will continue along his merry way.

    And like I said earlier, that’s a damn shame.

  • One last thing, the most ironic thing about this post is that Jeff Pearlman made his name (nationally at least) for the infamous interview he did with John Rocker.

    It seems to me that the two have a bit in common, though one is more articulate.

  • kab

    so we should all crap on this kid because he believes in something and wants to better the world?

    jeff would like him better if he was a terrorist

  • Phill English


    After reading your article, all I can think about it is that it is a very ignorant mini-rant.

    “But I want him to fail in the NFL nonetheless, because a famous Tim Tebow is a dangerous Tim Tebow.” So, because you don’t agree with someone kid’s viewpoint, religion specifically, you say that it’s better that he doesn’t have a public platform. A good thing he doesn’t have a website like this to further his “agenda”. :sick:

    Maybe you’d be happier if we could stick him on a small island with other people of his ilk since his words and thoughts make him “dangerous.” We wouldn’t want to have anyone in this country that would disagree with your world views, much less talk to others about them…

    This will probably be the last article of yours I read now that I have a better idea of your “agenda”.

  • Look I get annoyed sometimes by Tebow’s piousness but I don’t want him to fail.

    Come on man.

  • You’re a pretty decent writer, so I’ll go with you.

    But you haven’t lived–REALLY LIVED–until you read a sonnet penned by Mr. John Rocker. His use of iambic pentameter rivals that of only the Bard.

  • Classicist

    Can’t say I disagree with you about your opinion toward religion, but you are a hypocrite and I hope you catch every bit of hell for your repeated diatribes about Tim Tebow.

  • Carolyn

    I would bet a lot of money you would not have said such crap about Muhammad Ali. Or Kareem Abdul Jabbar, or any number of other men of acceptable religion…anything other than Christianity.

  • abp

    well said!!!

  • Kevin

    This might be off-base but after reading all of this it reminded me about a scene in a movie called “The Big Kahuna” with Spacey and DeVito.
    You may not get the whole picture without seeing the entire scene but here it is.
    “It doesn’t matter whether you’re selling Jesus or Buddha or civil rights or ‘How to Make Money in Real Estate With No Money Down.’ That doesn’t make you a human being; it makes you a marketing rep. If you want to talk to somebody honestly, as a human being, ask him about his kids. Find out what his dreams are – just to find out, for no other reason. Because as soon as you lay your hands on a conversation to steer it, it’s not a conversation anymore; it’s a pitch. And you’re not a human being; you’re a marketing rep.”

    RIGHT or WRONG, not sure but have alwasys been very intriqued by that dialog.

  • I want to start off by saying I am not Christian.

    Jeff, you have exposed yourself as someone who is completely intolerant of other people’s faiths.

    You said Tim Tebow is “dangerous”? Don’t make me laugh. Maybe “dangerous” to a bigot like you who lacks a strong stomach. Yes, a bigot. By posting this you are just as much of a bigot as the Tebows are.

    If you care so much about what’s going on in the Philippines, then why don’t you go there and do some work. Offer up an alternative to what the Tebows are trying to do. You probably won’t. You just needed to use them as an example to make your point, which is ultimately that you don’t like Christians.

    Do I think they are crazy? Yes. But I would like to believe that in a country which touts human liberties that everyone has the freedom to believe what they want and live how they want; if someone else doesn’t like it, then too bad. Freedom should be lived out by it’s actual definition, not by yours or mine.

    It’s like saying “I want freedom for all, except for gays”. Or, “I want freedom for all, except for those Christians with their pushiness and outdated beliefs.”

    “Dangerous”…holy crap, Jeff, stop being such a complainer.

  • Jeff

    Tim Tebow is pushing an agenda. His agenda is to bring as many people to Christ as possible and to know the peace and love that life with Him provides. He is not sending anyone to the Lake of Fire, but God will be. He’s trying to keep everyone, even you, out of it. Tebow might not make it in the NFL but he will lead a successful and satisfying life because he walks with Christ. I have no interest in judging you…but God does. If you were as smart as I would hope someone in your position is, you might pay a little more attention to what Tebow is saying.

  • Chris

    Jeff Pearlman is a Jew, right? Enough said….

  • chg

    Yeah, who wants to see success befall anyone who believes their worldview is better than the world view of others? I mean, unless they are professional jock sniffers? Now those guys can judge the wheat and the chaff.

    Mush of your criticism of Tebow is based on your ignorance of his belief system. Completely apart from the religious aspect, the belief system produced a young man who works for the betterment of others, and would likely never produce something like this post. It must be doing something right.

  • Robbie

    Honestly Jeff? You want him to fail because of his beliefs? And then you tie him to other positions that it doesn’t seem like he has ever stated that he holds? Your argument is ridiculous and and your diatribe is written in poor taste. But I’ll follow your lead for right now. I want you to fail, Jeff. I hope you get the Paul Shirley treatment from ESPN. You are deserving to lose your biased voice on in well-respected forum.

  • meatybob

    I am pro-choice, but yeah, Mr. Pearlman, just to call it what is, you are a fascist in a manner no different than Nazism.

    Good job in ruining intelligent thinking and rational debate.

  • Adam

    How is he a danger to the world Jeff? I’m an Atheist and Tim believes what he wants to believe, but your to close-minded to accept someone differnt from you. If he was opposite you would love him, but your like Sean Hannity, Keith Olbermann, Rush Limbaugh, and Bill Maher if you with me then your my boy, but if not, then go fuck yourself, guys like you and the people I just typed are the reason why we don’t get another done anymore. I don’t agree with Tebow, but at least I will say, what he wants to say. Sorry we are from the south, because by reading your blog, we all just a bunch of backward hicks.

  • JMW

    So calling someone a towelhead because he is Muslim is not bigotry?
    I suggest you look up the definition of “Bigot”. Mr. Pearlman IS a bigot.

    I don’t agree with Tebow’s doctrines.
    I don’t see any reason to hate him for it.
    Why can’t people in our society be allowed to be true to themselves?
    Do we really want to silence people because their religious belief is not our own???

  • Jeff Walthers

    Pearlman, you are an IDIOT. Never again will I read anything you write or any publication you write for.

  • Lawrence Richards

    This paranoid, hateful, biased and horrific diatribe against Mr. Tebow belies the predjudice, animosity and cowardice of a writer who insinuates that Tebow believes and foments the ultra-right wing of religious thought. This author has no specific incidence to back up his attacks on Tebow. Therefore, the article is meritless and bigoted in its own perspective. If tebow fails, he can always get a job like Pearlman’s.

  • Blue Max

    Wanted to show some students what bigotry looked like and this site came up in an online search. After reading what was said by Mr. Pearlman, I see the search got it exactly right!

    I am not a fan of Florida teams, including Gators, Hurricanes, Seminoles, etc. But I have to respect kids standing up for something noble. Too many athletes are into casual sex, drugs, easy money, drinking and driving, shoplifting, guns at practice — well you name it, too many athletes have done it.

    But here is a kid living to a higher standard, a moral code of conduct, and he deserves scorn??? What???

    As a Catholic Christian (i.e., Roman Catholic), I may not agree with much of Mr. Tebow’s theology, but I respect that he endures abuse like yours because he loves the Lord. It would have been easy for him to shelve his faith for a few years to avoid such intolerance, but he has the courage of his convictions.

    Finally, what is more dangerous in the Philippines? The Tebows — or perhaps the Abu Sayyaf Group (al-Qaeda affliate), the Communist Party of the Philippines/New Peoples Army, Jemaah Islamiyah (another al-Qaeda affliate), the Alex Boncayao Brigade, the Pentagon Gang, the Moro National Liberation Front, and the Moro Islamic Liberation Front?

    Next time you are in a dark alley, tell me what you fear most — a “dangerous Tim Tebow” or perhaps some guy with no moral code?

  • New in Christ

    Honestly I never respond to blogs, but being new in my faith I felt it necessary. I will be praying for you that one day you will find the Lord and get to experience his many wonderful blessings. I pray for your salvation and mine as Christians are not perfect but forgiven.

  • I so enjoy hearing from the oh so tolerant ones about how terrible Tebow and his family are for taking a stand for their convictions and beliefs.

    The small minds never cease to amaze me.

  • Ricky

    So you want him to fail because if he’s successful he’s dangerous? And you’ve never written that you wanted an athlete to fail before?

    So Tebow is the first athlete who would become more dangerous with success? That’s hard to believe.

    Maybe you mean that you wanted others to fail too but this is the first time you’ve written it.

    Otherwise your whole point makes no sense.

    Nah, you’re probably right so don’t consider that you could be wrong. Just keep banging the drum.

  • Jon

    Anyone who watched the Senior Bowl knows this is all really a moot point. Anyone know anything about Dan Lefevour’s political ideology? Now that kid’s going places.

    I have no use for religion and don’t particularly care for Tebow. I am not too worried about Tebow’s powers to indoctrinate, though. It seems to me his hysterical weeping at the end of the SEC Championship Game will be the way most people remember him.

    Roll Tide Roll

  • Kevin

    Obviously, “New in Chirst”, did not read Jeff’s post about using the term “praying for you”.

  • Bruce

    Christianity promotes “women are here to serve men”? How about womenizing star athletes? Who would you rather have your daughter bring home – Tebow or Pac-man? Who’s house would you want your grandkids raised in? BTW, well put those of you who see the hypocrisy of the “free speechers” promoting their free speech doctrine for all EXCEPT professing Christians!!

  • mike

    you know what’s great? Pearlman comes off looking more crazed and loony than the “religious freak” he’s bashing. Unreal. Just disturbing stuff. “I WANT him to fail.”

  • Jeremy Rodriguez

    Typical liberal bullshit. You love free speech and are all about free speech unless the speaker is saying something you don’t agree with. You know what that is: It’s hypocrisey and censorship (commonly employed by dictators or countries run by military juntas).

  • Catch 5

    WOW. I’ve never seen such a blatant attack on freedom of religion as this. So, Tim is dangerous because he wants to tell people about Christ and save them from Hell. Forgive me if I don’t find this threatening. So what if he is persistant in his evangelizing – that just means he actually believes what he is saying.

    You liberals are good at damanding that others accept your views, yet you are so close-minded when it comes to Christains. Allow for me – if you will – that what Tim believes is true. In fact, if someone dies without accepting Christ, they will be tormented for eternity in Hell, and all you have to do to avoid this fate is to accept Christ as the sacrifice for your sins. Now what does it say about Christians who don’t tell others? If you do believe this, then you are a miserable person not to share with others. How, then is this a threat to you? It is, afterall, your choice to accept or not. Noone is forcing you to do anything, so where is all this animosity coming from?


  • Joe

    Wow Jeff, did Timmy hit a nerve? I really wonder about the logic of people who promote universal tolerance, yet are intolerant of those who don’t. Just a bit hypocritical, wouldn’t you say Jeff?

  • What a bunch of indoctrinated true-believers here!

    Who do you think the Founders were referring to when they appealed to the Creator in the Declaration of Independence?

    New Age crystals? Buddah? Che Guevera? Hussein Obama?

    They penned ‘The Year Of Our Lord’ on the Constitution.

    What Lord?

    Tim Tebow is right, you people are wrong.

    Who indoctrinated you to ‘celebrate diversity’ and chant the ‘tolerant’ worship words that did not enter American vocabulary until after the liberal scriptures were published:

    You folks are brainwashed, Religious Left fanatics, and here you sit congratulating yourselves on judging Tebow!


  • Tommy

    I congratulate Tebow on his courage and faith.
    Why are so Christophobic Pearlman?

  • drose

    News flash TIM TEBOW will not fail. It’s not in his nature. He’s mastered every area of his life and will dominate like he always has in the game of football. He will be a hall of famer and have plenty of superbowl rings. People always hate good people just because it shows them how bad and ugly they really are. Praise be to tim tebow! This guy Pearlman’s got a real anger problem. What did Tebow do to you. I think he just reveals a deeper issue of your heart. Learn to live and let live all you hatemongers.

  • C Riddle

    Well congratulations, Jeff. You just guaranteed that I will never buy another SI again. You certainly suceeded in bringing in the web traffic, which might have been your only reason for writing this.

    I don’t agree with your wishing for Tebow to fail, but I do agree that any point of view should not be forced upon another person, no matter the reason. And while I do believe in God, I also believe that that same God allowed us the gift of free will, to choose Him or to reject Him, but it cannot be forced. I don’t agree with liberals trying to convince others that most Christians are hate-mongering, narrowminded bigots who have condemned the world to hell in their own minds no matter what the world has to say about it. This post only serves to push the idea that there are some far-left liberal hatemongers who either mock what they do not understand or curse that with which they do not agree.

    Again, I believe in God. I believe in eternal life, whether in heaven or hell. But even if I didn’t believe in God, I’d still believe in the old adage “love thy neighbor”. And I could never believe in a God who celebrates hatred and bigotry and destruction. God, in my limited understanding, is love. I’ll probably get blasted for this post by some faceless drone, hiding behind a keyboard and an IP address, but I couldn’t care less. Just like I’m sure you couldn’t care less about how some blogging internet schmuck feels about this article. But I’m saying it, anyway. I mean, you might as well come out and say you hate the guy, altogether. You want him to fail because you think he’s dangerous? Dangerous because he believes in something strongly enough to put his whole life into it? Because he wants others to believe in it, as well? Because he forces his beliefs on others? Are not all these things true of the so-called far left? They are, as far as I’ve seen. So should I want YOU to fail?

    I guess what I’m trying to get at is this: You can feel the way you do about Tebow, you can mock him and his beliefs, but your words cause division, nothing else. And I think we’ve had enough of that. Don’t curse the Christian faith because some Christians feel the need to ram their faith down everyone else’s throats when the same can be said of the so-called far-left liberals of this country.

    Well, I’ve babbled enough. I don’t expect much in the way of response to this. I wrote it for me, anyway. Just felt the need to say something. Or am I forcing my opinions on you? Do you want me to fail, Jeff?

  • Bisch

    Good for you, Jeff. In switching the page back to the way it was originally, you at least are avoiding being disingenuous and deceptive. Deleting all the previous comments about your switching things up…well, I’ll believe the best and say you did it so it wouldn’t be confusing to people who didn’t see the page before the switch back…

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  • Jen

    As a Christian my heart truly breaks for what I read here. I don’t know much about Tebow but I do know my own faith and my own beliefs. First and foremost I DO NOT believe that anyone is better or worse than me. I am just as much a sinner as the next person. “We have all sinned and come short of the glory of God” Romans 3:23. We are all sinners believe it or not. I am a sinner I still struggle with sin but I have a loving heavenly Father that forgives me. He will forgive us all if we ask and receive his free gift of salvation, He loves us enough to have died a horrible death for us. “For God commended His love to us that while we were yet sinners Chris died for us.” Romans 5:8. Tebow isn’t forcing his beliefs down anyone’s throats he is simply doing what the word of God commands which is, “Go ye therefore and teach all nations. Baptizing them in the name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Ghost. Teaching them to observe all things whatsoever I have commanded you and low I am with you alway even unto the ends of the Earth. Amen.” Matt. 28:19-20. Bash him and our faith if you wish but know that you have no hold over him. Tebow is only doing what he was commanded to by God. I don’t understand why him standing up for his belief is any different than someone else. As for missionaries, no one is perfect, we all make mistakes. Some missionaries don’t go about things properly and that’s wrong and unfortunately it gives the others a horrible rep! But the missionaries I know and the ones I’m training with now in Bible College only want to help people. Want to give people the hope they are looking for!
    As for the whole “women serve their men thing” Those verses were completely out of context. Ephesians 5:21-25 says; “Submitting yourselves one to another in the fear of God. Wives submit yourselves unto your own husbands, as unto the Lord. For the husband is the head over the wife, even as Christ is the head of the church and he is the savior of the body. Therefore as the church is subject unto Christ, so let the wives be to their own husbands in everything. Husband, love your wives, even as Christ also loved the church, and gave himself for it.” We are commanded to submit to each other. When the husband loves his wife like Christ loved the Church. The wife has no problem submitting to the husband and giving him control. It’s not a sign of enslavement but a sign of utter trust, faith, and respect. A woman who can submit wholly to her husband is so much more free than a woman who is fighting for control of the relationship. Let’s face it all women want to be taken care of and loved and treated like a women but fear will take over her because she doesn’t want to be left or unloved. It is natural for women to love but unnatural for a man to easily love. The bible doesn’t say women are inferior many great things were accomplished in the bible by women. Esther saved her people in the Book of Esther. Ruth showed the greatest meaning of submission when she submitted to Boaz, it wasn’t a sign of inferiority but of Love. God thinks very highly of women and loves us just as much as he loves men. Christ died for man, woman, American, Haitian, African, Muslin, Jewish. He died so that we all might live with Him in eternity. God doesn’t want anyone to go to Hell, that’s why He sent Jesus. He doesn’t want to be separated from us, but our rejection of Him is what sends us to Hell, not Him. I hold no ill will to anyone who speaks mean things about my faith, Christ said that “Remember the word that I said unto you, the servant is not greater than his lord. If they have persecuted me, they will also persecute you; if they have kept my saying they will keep yours also.” John 15:20. My heart breaks for this world and the things that are happening. I thank God for Tebow and putting him where he is at and I pray that God blesses Tebow because many people will hear the gospel because of where Tebow is. God knows everything He sees everything, nothing happens without Gods knowledge and God has his hand on Tebow. God Bless!

  • david

    Looks like he’s not doing too bad being the backup quarterback at Denver. I think he’ll stay in the league for a while though.

  • Francis

    What is your purpose of putting down this person? A guy named Saul once hated Christians so much he even had them killed. You wrote, “If he’s in an ad for Focus on the Family; if he believes homosexuality is sinful and women are here to serve their men and Jews and Muslims and agnostics and the rest of us are sinful, well, to hell with him.” Christians are sinners, too. Only that we believe in God’s grace through Jesus Christ. P.S. Christian men serve and respect their women.

  • Francis

    Jeff Pearlman, you have a gift. You can make this wretched world a better place to live in by writing more encouraging words about people who make this world a better place for everyone to live in. You know that many claimed and claim to be Christians yet they made/make this world a worse place to live in. Sadly, these people worshiped only religion. If you read about the life of Jesus, then you will know Christianity. When you truly believe, you will live your life more blessed as you are blessed now. You can even be better than Tim Tebow. You will truly live life to the full.

  • Francis

    Read through your blog.. very good. I know about a Jew who had almost the same opinions about Christian missionaries. Read Paul’s letters. Paul writes about true Christianity and not about a religion.

  • Joey

    Well Mr. Pearlman. Haters like you are just going to hate aren’t they?

    There is only one thing I can say for sure. Tim Tebow for all of his flaws is a better man that yourself.

  • Renee

    I am a Christian and happened across your blog today. It made me really sad and in truth breaks my heart. The idea that someone wants a young man to fail – just because… why? I don’t really understand why. It is so far from my reality of how I look at life, that I basically just don’t understand. Your views and those who are like minded are akin to me of other humans that I don’t understand… (I preface this by saying that I am in no way saying you are the type of any of the people I am listing – I am only speaking of own lack of understanding) I don’t understand how people can talk to their children in Wal-Mart like they hate their child. Telling their precious child to “shut the f*k up.” I heard it today. I adored my children (still do), was amazed at the miracle of life and humbled by the opportunity to guide a child to adulthood. (I have five). I don’t understand people who torture animals, who rape and kill other humans with no concern for life other than their own. I could go on and on with people I don’t understand with even greater exaggeration on the horrors of their deeds– but I hope you get my point.
    Likewise, I think you don’t understand. You don’t understand people like Tebow, people like me, people like the missionaries who give their life to not only spread the gospel, but try to bring physical comfort and physical needs to those who have little. I have a friend, who I help support financially to go to Africa, to try to teach the women there how to keep from spreading AIDS. Yes, our goal is to spread the gospel, but also included in the goal is the desire to help another human in what little way we can. As a Christian, I am driven, by a force which transcends all human understanding (certainly including my own.) This force, I cannot deny. This force in spite of my lack of always making the goals I have set before me, is paramount in how I live and want to live my life. This force, I know is the Spirit of the Living God, Christ Jesus my Lord and Savior, the Holy Spirit.
    Though you certainly haven’t asked for it and I would suspect would denigrate me, ridicule me, and dismiss me at the suggestion… I prayed for you today. I prayed that maybe one day you might understand.

    • Jeff Pearlman

      Renee, I understand. But I maintain, the practice of going to 3rd world nations and selling religion is sinful.

      • Alex

        Hello Jeff,

        I can agree that going to 3rd world countries to sell “religion” is messed up. However, if you are a Christian you go to the ends of the earth to bring the truth and love of Jesus Christ and His Word to the lost and hopeless.

  • Renee

    Mr. Pearlman,
    Oh my goodness… you made me smile, thank you for your response. I appreciate your acknowledgement of understanding my lack of understanding of your desire to have Tim Tebow fail.
    I also appreciate your lack of any perniciousness in your response. The polarity on the issue of someone like Tebow seems to bring out maliciousnness in people on both sides. It is especially loathesome to me when I see such venom spouted by those who use such spite in self-righteous defense of their Christian beliefs. (Which is by the way, is one of the things I like about Tim Tebow. I have never, ever heard him on any platform spout any hatred towards anyone of any beliefs.)
    So, in the spirit of good fun I would like to engage you in a friendly debate on your topic. So here we go: Your response to my ramblings and my question to you as to Why you want Tim Tebow to fail was that you “maintain, the practice of going to 3rd world nations and selling religion is sinful.”
    So here is the debate so far:
    Jeff: I want Tim Tebow to fail.
    Renee: Why?
    Jeff: Because going to 3rd world nations and selling religion is sinful.
    Renee: So do you want all young men who are sinning to fail in their chosen profession?

  • bawesome

    It’s crazy that people like this are afforded so much sympathy and are not called out for what they are, dangerous. I would like some famous athletes to start doing commercials and having town hall meetings exposing the lunacy of these extremist. All of the right claims free speech, but the second famous athletes started preaching logic or the opposite views of Evangelical Christians, they will all start screaming “Religion Bashing”. He’s trying to brainwash people through fear and the only reason Tebow is so fanatical is because his parents brainwashed him from birth. That’s why athletes with these fanatical beliefs are so dangerous. They have a huge influence on children. Some talented QBs need to start balancing out this equation.

    • Renee


      I am really unsure of what you mean by your post. For the sake of simplicity I propose putting aside the debatable implication that you make that Tebow is a fanatic. (see the definition of a fanatic)

      How do you purport what Tebow espouses is dangerous? Please expand on this notion.

      Basis: Definition of dangerous & danger:

      •Dangerous: full of danger or risk; causing danger; perilous; risky; hazardous; unsafe;
      able or likely to cause physical injury
      •Danger: liability or exposure to harm or injury; risk; peril

  • Tebownerd

    Tebow will be the Christian spokesman of the world. He will usher in a new age where all will be saved. The word of the one true god shall be law.

  • Saved By grace

    GLory be to God Amen to you Prayer Haters 🙂

  • just got tebowed15

    well it looks like he’s kicking ass in spite of the dripping liquid hate of the press. Kikes like you cant stand the fact a guy tebow is doing exactly what every jew sportswriter wanted michael[con]vick to do. That is revulutionize the QB position. mazel tov juden rat

    • Hoody Allen

      wow, that guy just proved the point pretty perfectly, That is why Tebow is dangerous

  • Tim Tebow > Tim Tebow Haters

  • I certainly hope Jeff Pearlman fails. This just proves what an idiot he is.

  • CCBanks

    You hope Tim Tebow fails? I hope YOU DIE AND BURN IN HELL FOR ETERNITY. So there’s that.

  • Mj Giasullo

    really, I know this article is from a long time ago but what a pile of shit. Do you also want Michael Sam to fail because he was gay?

    • ryu238

      He wanted acceptance, not force gayness.

      • gotroy22

        No he wanted to rub his homosexuality in everyones face..

  • Sage

    Sounds like the guilt of someone who knows he’s on his way to hell.

  • gotroy22

    Why do you agnostic Jews hate Evangelical Christians so much?



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