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This feature—a question-and-answer session with a person from sports/entertainment/politics/whatever—will appear every week on If you have any suggestions/ideas for people to speak with, hit me up at I’m listening. Oh, and for the full categorization of every Quaz, click here.


J.D. Scholten

He went 5-2 pitching for the 2004 Sioux City Explorers, then 14 years later nearly upset the racist, xenophobic Steve King in a race for one of Iowa’s congressional seats. So how do the Democrats win the White House in 2020? By making people uncomfortable.


Britni de la Cretaz

This former social worker made the unorthodox career leap toward journalism, then devoted herself to examining the intersection of sports and gender. The result: One of America’s most fascinating scribes.


Sammy Burke

I was attending a Blind Melon concert a few months ago. There was an opening act—the John McCloy Band. I wondered what it’s like to be a seasoned bass player/math teacher jamming away in a small Southern California club. So I asked.


Rich O’Malley

His goal was to attend a game at every Major League Baseball, National Football League, National Hockey League and National Basketball Association stadium—then chronicle the experience. Thanks to heart, grit, drive and Poke Nachos, the mission was accomplished.


Barry Pollock

This reenactment fighter dons 40 pounds of armor made from leather and steel, then kicks ass on the battlefield. Just please don’t compare him to Paul Rudd in “Role Models.”


Dave Tollefson

The two-time Super Bowl champion went from Home Depot and Division II football to twice toppling Ton Brady on the NFL’s biggest stage. He also was teammates with Omar Gaither—and they can’t take that away from him.

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