Was reading the other day how John McCain recently admitted he doesn’t use a computer.

This strikes me as more than a tad odd. How does one live in 2008 and not use a computer? Imagine, for example, if you were the head of a company and you were interviewing someone to be your COO or vice president of marketing or, flippin’ hell, a receptionist. If that person said, “Well, I’ve never used a computer,” would you even consider making the hire?

I’m being serious. To me, this is waaaaaaay beyond a trivial issue. In the modern world, the businessman/politician/actor/dog walker/nose picker/baseball player/8-year-old without computer skills does not exist. Literally, you can’t live in the United States without being able to use a computer. You just can’t. It is how business is conducted. Yeah, the fax machine was a wonderful device. And I’m all for Texas Instruments calculators. And surely McCain has an abacus stashed somewhere.

So to think that Jordan, my 7-year-old nephew, is better equipped to use a computer than the potential next president is quite disconcerting.

Memo to John McCain: The Learning Annex offers computer lessons most Thursdays. Sign up—NOW!

4 thoughts on “Computer?”

  1. Bud Selig is another person guilty of being in a high-profile position of power and being completely computer illiterate. According to Bud, he can hardly even operate his cell phone. Selig goes as far as taking the unique position of bragging about his ignorance.

    It looks to me like you’re blog is pretty much brand new. I’m keeping my fingers crossed that I’ll be able to add a new site to my daily read list.

    Good luck!

  2. I think it is absolutely scary how most people in power above the age of 35 think technology is a novel thing that doesn’t REALLY apply to them. But it makes my age group more valuable (at least until they invent something I refuse to work with)

  3. jeff, i must say this made me laugh out loud. it’s a point i’ve not given much thought to, but you are absolutely right. and by the way, i learned to knit at the learning annex, so i can vouch for it should sen. mccain seek a reference.

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