I am offended (of being offended)

So, with precious too little going on to keep us busy, the controversy of the day is the new New Yorker cover, which features Barack Obama in Middle Eastern garb and his wife sporting a major ‘fro and a gun.

The Obama camp has denounced the cover, as has—oddly—John McCain.

My take: Lighten the hell up.

It’s called good ol’ fashioned New York satire, and just because the people in Topeka and Ada don’t get it doesn’t make it offensive or, for that matter, unfunny. Clearly, the cover is a spoof, and a damn funny one.

Please, America, let’s talk about the All-Star Game. Or my son pooping in the bathtub. Or … anything.

1 thought on “I am offended (of being offended)”

  1. That does look like his wife though,lol. However i think the partial picture of Bin Laden on the wall and the American flag burning in the fireplace is just wrong,lol.

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