Am I crazy?

So, after living all 36 years of my life without picking up a wad of moist, rank poop with a plastic bag, I have agreed to buy a dog. Here’s a picture (dog’s on the right, my wife is on the left):

I’m actually pretty excited about this. We’ll start off by training Tollbooth (my name of choice for the dog) how to sleep in her cage and urinate in the right places. Over time, however, I’m quite certain she’ll be able to write a solid lede and track down sources.

This isn’t a contest, but we are searching for cool girl names for the little beeyatch (at long last, I’m able to use this properly). If you’ve got any, I’d love to hear ’em …

6 thoughts on “Am I crazy?”

  1. Lets see, I already own the Hall and Oats collection..I’m a product of the 70’s!
    As fro the life savings, I have we all lose there.
    As for the dog..I can arrange that your wife doesnt purchase the dog…where the lil pooch now?

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