In the state of South Carolina …

… there is a state senator named Kevin. L Bryant. He is currently running for re-election against a Democrat named Marshall Meadors. The other day, on his blog, he ran this photo:

When Bryant caught a lot of grief, he removed the picture from the main page (one can still see it at and issued the following explanation:

I have been very impressed with the reaction to my blog post on Barack Obama. I originally posted the photo without commentary to stimulate an examination of Sen. Barack Obama’s foreign policy. I remain certain that his foreign policy ideas pose a great threat to American security no less than those of Al Gore or John Kerry might have. I believe that America has avoided another terrorist attack precisely because President Bush has been office for the past 8 years. I’m convinced that an Obama presidency will plunge us back into the failed foreign policies of the Clinton administration and put us in great danger.

For example, General Colin Powell said of the enemy during the first Gulf War that, “First we’re going to cut it off, then we’re going to kill it.” On September 19, 2001, Sen. Obama said of our enemy that, “We will have to devote far more attention to the monumental task of raising the hopes and prospects of embittered children across the globe.” I am extremely disturbed by Sen. Obama’s solution for the war on terror, and hopefully, you will consider this too.
The posting, not surprisingly, only drew out the virulent and vulgar members of the liberal left whose immediate reaction to any criticism of their candidate includes charges of ignorance and bigotry. This reminds us of their criticism of those who cling to our guns and religion and strikes me only as par for the course.

I have no regrets from this picture, however, I’m sure that a further examination of Obama’s foreign (and domestic) policies must occur in order that voters might truly understand the vast, vast differences between him and Sen. John McCain. I refuse to cower to the cultural police who evermore seek to censor our political discussion.

Personally, I love politicians like Kevin Bryant. First off, they’re funny. Secondly, I’m smarter than they are. Third, they offer hope that anyone—absolutely, positively anyone—can reach elected office.

Surely to nobody’s surprise, Bryant is a self-professed “Christian” who is in touch with The Lord—but hates gays, African-Americans, social programs to help people, etc. What makes me personally happy is that one day, just maybe, Bryant will find himself living eternally alongside those he loathes most of all. He will look up toward the pearly gates and say, “But God, I worshiped you?”

And God will say, “Dude, I’m Muslim.”

*** For the record, most of my closest friends are Christians. Heck, I love the teachings of Jesus. But they’re not the type of folk who consider it their duty to keep you from hell.

**** One final thought: I was just thinking how downright wonderful it would be to have men like Kevin Bryant have to call an African-American Mr. President. Because you know, behind the shit-eating smile, it absolutely, positively kills them.

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  1. Both politics and religion can be a dirty game. Neither will hold back, and neither will take prisoners, in their attempts to reach an ultimate goal. You combine the two, and you get Kevin Bryant.

    Great entry, Jeff!

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