My friend Scott Capro has long believed that real men don’t:

A. Use umbrellas.

B. Eat ice cream cones.

My poll question of the day: Can a real man own a pink cell phone?

Please respond.



9 thoughts on “pink”

  1. I am 2 out of 3 on this one. I use an umbrella when it rains and really do not have a problem with a man eating an ice cream cone but a pink cell phone I would have to draw the line. C’mon Jeff, what is next a lap dog?
    (ummm sorry)

  2. This is analogous to a large bald man calling himself tiny. You can get away with being called Tiny if you are 6’4 and weight 350lbs.

    Further; if Tiny decided to add a pink cell phone to his list of accessories, he could probably get away with it.

    Now I don’t mean to insult your delicates, but I don’t think you are in a position to flaunt your lack of masculinity the way Tiny can….in his case it is a daring juxtaposition.

    In your case it is well…a dude from Mahopac and a pink cell phone.

  3. Sorry, but the pink cell phone is an emphatic no. As a matter of fact, you could lose your man card by just thinking about buying one.

  4. No, a pink cell would be too permanent. What I mean is a pink shirt is perfectly acceptable in today’s society. Think about it: You see pink shirts from time to time and it’s never a gay thing, but rather a “hey, I’m not gay but I am cool because I’m doing something out of the ordinary and going against the grain” thing. But the beauty of it is it’s not permanent. The next day you take the shirt off, everyone stops asking about the pink shirt you’re wearing, and everything is back to normal. If you purchase a pink cell phone, then prepare to explain yourself for the rest of your life. It’s just so final.

  5. Not a chance in hell.. but since you asked the question, you should have to use the phone for at least 1 year, that is your punishment… shame on you

  6. Yea Pink’s a no go, but if you wanted to go all out, Get a pink umbrella, a cone with pink ice cream, a pink shirt and a pink phone, take a picture and use it as your facebook pic. That would be cool. Glad i could help

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