The eighth coolest man ever.

Garry Templeton.

“If I ain’t startin’, I ain’t departin’.”

2 thoughts on “The eighth coolest man ever.”

  1. Write something about him. I have a 1984 Jump Steady classic gangster white with orange lettering jersey and it’s the best thing you’ve ever seen. Ever. You should buy one. What? You already have six of them? Good for you, Jeff. Good for you. Smart man.

  2. Shoot me an e-mail if you’re interested in a talented writer contributing to something on Sports Illustrated. I’m not as good as you, but hell, I’m pretty damn good. And I’m 31 years of age. Got a hot latina wife and two of the most beautiful boys you’ve ever seen. Promise. Gotta lot to say and I’m running out of time. We all are. Congrats on your life. Must be nice. I’ll be there someday soon; mark my words, Mr. Pearlman. Permanent marker should be used.

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