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Pig’s ear

A couple of days ago my wife came to a horrid realization: The dried pig’s ear our new dog Norma has been chewing on is, factually, a dried pig’s ear. She sorta thought they just called it a pig’s ear, but that it was really some sort of hardened plaster (or something). Then, about an hour ago, she cried out, “The pig’s ear has hair on it!!!!!!” Which, literally, it does. Nasty.

On a related note, I am beginning to seriously wonder whether the Pittsburgh Pirates have been gnawing on too many pig’s ears. The Xavier Nady•Damasco Marte-for-four-so-so-minor-leaguers was one of the most lopsided deals I’ve seen in a looooong time. I mean, truly pathetic on the part of the Pirates. Here you are, a cruddy team out of the pennant race, featuring an excellent lefty reliever and a slugging corner outfielder/first baseman (having the best season of his career, by the way). Both men have manageable contracts, both men are highly coveted—and you receive a single top-flight prospect!?

Snort. Snort.