This morning I opened my laptop, checked my e-mail and received a letter from someone calling me an idiot.

Had I pissed in his soup? No.

Kicked his cat? No.

Eaten his last Oreo? No.

Of all the things, I had the audacity to insult the Pittsburgh Pirates in this column.

This is a gripe I make quite often, and I think it’s a fair one—with the SEND button just one finger away, readers fire off the most vile, most putrid, most offensive stuff to columnists. In no particular order, I’ve been called a fag, a Jew Homo, a dickhead, a motherfucker, an asswipe—all because someone disagreed with my sports opinion.

It just baffles my mind. I’ve been a sports guy since age 7 or 8, and I’ve never—absolutely never—be so furious at someone’s take that I’ve felt the need to go out of my way to demean that person. It’s nonsense, it’s hurtful—and it’ll inevitably continue.

*** Granted, I am a fag Jew Homo dickhead motherfucker asswipe. But only on TV.

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