The winner of the third Win A Book contest …

The question was a simple one: Voice box or colostomy bag?

The answers: Numerous and entertaining.

The winner: Not Scott Capro, my former college roommate (and huge Jeff Manto fan) who remains convinced his answer is the best.

The winner: Dave G., who wrote: You guys are all wrong! I want both! Why choose between two great options when you can have it all? What’s the fun of pooping in a bag if you can’t tell people about it in a computerized voice? And what’s the fun of having a computerized voice if you can’t use it to talk about poop in a bag? Really, folks, some people CAN have it all. And if I had my way, I’d have both!

Dave G. congrats! You win a copy of the upcoming book. Please drop me an e-mail at with your address. And thanks to all for playing. May we all live lives that allow us to never have to make such a choice …