In search of a title

We live in an interactive age, and I’m an interactive guy. So here’s the deal: I’m wrapping up my biography of Roger Clemens, which will come out early next year. I’ve interviewed hundreds upon hundreds of people; have dug through hundreds of thousands of clips; etc. It’s a beast. Now, however, I need a title for the book.


The working title is “Rocket Lauched,” which (to be polite) I don’t exactly love. The book is a biography of his life and career, encompassing everything from birth to dominance to women to steroids to … whatever. I’m being serious: I would truly appreciate any title suggestions.

Much thanks.

— Jeff

14 thoughts on “In search of a title”

  1. “Who the F is Roger Clemens and why does he matter?” This coming from someone who knows nothing about sports, but the name does sound familiar. Or what about- “Controversy and Clemmens” or “Clemens: interviews with those that have known him since birth”
    I know, these sort of stink, but I wanted to say something.

  2. Not claiming to have good titles here, but..
    “A Fair Rocket Story” (yeah, bad joke)
    “Lemons for Clemens”
    “We Have Takeoff”
    “Living at the Speed of…”
    “Rocket Details”
    “Clemens: Throwing like a Rocket on…”

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