I have just spent the past three hours digging through articles …

… and now I can’t keep my eyes open. It is, without question, the hardest part about writing a book. Doing interviews is fun, if not a bit challenging. Writing the dang thing is brutal, but it’s something I’ve done (writing) since working for The Chieftain, my high school paper.

No, it’s the intensive, exhaustive, all-encompassing research that beats a man down. But, from this vantage point, it’s the only way to write a book. Without naming names, there’s a Roger Clemens biography that came out about a year ago that offers absolutely, positively zero real research. The author spoke to some players, seemed to have read a newspaper or two—then wrote the book (For the record, I’m not referring to Jonathan Mayo’s fine work). Yeah, you can write a book that way. But, truly, it’s all about the details and the little nuggets of information that come from reading 800,000 clips in the night’s wee hours.

Good night.

2 thoughts on “I have just spent the past three hours digging through articles …”

  1. Hi,

    Are you the same Jeff Pearlman that authored the book on the NY Mets?

    Are you also a Dallas Cowboys fan?

    I’m suffering from insomnia tonight and I cam across your site on sportspyder while searching for Cowboys news to write about.

    Do you do interviews? Would love to ask you a few questions for my readers.

    Email me at getmetsmerized@aol.com

    Get some sleep! lol

  2. Sorry, I just clicked on your links and saw that you were the author of The Bad Guys Won. I read that book at least three times. I still have the signed copy that my gf at the time gave me for a birthday gift.

    I loved the 86 Mets. (As you can see by my two email adresses)

    Your book captured that season like no other, and plenty of writers tried.

    I just wanted to add this to my other silly comment.

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