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Dallas Cowboys and the Mahopac Public Library

So the other day I received an e-mail from the Mahopac Public Library, asking if I’d be willing to speak once the Cowboys book comes out. Mahopac is my hometown, and as a boy I spent hours upon hours digging through the library’s bottomless collection of sports books. I short, I owe that place a lot.

That said, the Mahopac Public Library is also responsible for my fear of book sigings/talks. It was four years ago, while promoting “The Bad Guys Won!” that I made my first appearance at the library—to an audience of crickets. They hung up no signs, had no announcements, no … nothing. I normally wouldn’t care so much, but this was my hometown, ad my feelings were pretty bruised. It was humiliating, especially with my wife there to see the empty room.

Uh, yeah. Just babbling.