Fantasy sports

Over the course of the past week I’ve received several invitations to join fantasy football leagues.

I’d rather be:

A. Dead.

B. Eaten alive by maggots.

C. Forced to watch a never-ending loop of the Benson episode when Benson DuBois is shocked to learn that his own girlfriend is now confined to a wheelchair.

I just hate fantasy sports. Not the leagues themselves, but the seriousness with which they are approached. I’ve had friends ask me to sit in on their baseball drafts; friends ask me to review their rosters; friends request inside information that I might have attained from covering the sports.

To me, the worst thing is how fantasy leagues completely take the fun out of rooting for a singular team. One should never be, say, a die-hard Cowboys fan and find himself rooting for Santana Moss to have a big game for the Redskins. It goes against everything we’ve been taught as idiot fans—loyalty, loyalty, loyalty (even if the teams, as shown by the PSL craze, aren’t so loyal back).

Plus, it’s pretty damn geeky. And the last thing I need is to enhance my geek credentials. Especially when I’ve already admitted to being a Hall & Oates fan.

2 thoughts on “Fantasy sports”

  1. Hall & Oates? Have I given you crap about that yet? Forgive me if I haven’t.

    I don’t understand how/why people can expend so much of their brainpower on fantasy sports. There’s even fantasy GOLF, for chrissake.

  2. Jeff, I found playing Strat baseball for some 38 years to be great fun. Beyond this it enhanced by knowledge and love for baseball. I don’t think it tales away from wanting my team team to win. Though to be fair a homer by one my guys in a losing effort is always nice.

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