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So I’m gonna let y’all in on a little secret shared by every book author I know: We are all addicted to’s ranking system.

It’s literary crack. I’m not 100 percent certain how it’s compiled, or whether it’s even accurate or now. But in the, oh, six weeks after a book is released, most authors visit their books on Amazon, oh, 10 days per day.

Truthfully, there’s something to it. One of the highlights of my first book, “The Bad Guys Won!” came when I clicked on the Amazon page and found myself sitting pretty at No. 35. It ended up being a best-seller. Yet on the opposite side, I would check the Bonds book, “Love Me, Hate Me,” and always be disappointed by high digits. In the end, that book sort of bombed.

Here’s the other funny thing: I’ve been told that Amazon sales do not count the same as bookstore sales when it comes to determining a best seller—that books bought over the internet have less weight. I’m not sure whether that still holds true, but it adds to the Amazon mystique.

By the way, you can order my book on Amazon right here. Or here. Or here. Or here. Or here. Or here. Not that I’m keeping track. Heh-heh.

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  1. I used to work at Amazon, and I remember that we had a pre-written blurb (customer answer) about how the rankings are compiled. I don’t remember if it shed any light on things or left it mysterious. I still know some people there and can try to probe if you’re really curious. Then again, why ruin the mystique?

  2. At Borders and B&N near Rochester NY, The Bad Guys Won is always on display in the sports section. Love Me Hate Me is there, but I also bought it for $3 at a closeout store (I think it was called Ollie’s, but not sure).

    I’m curious about how royalties are computed and paid – did you get paid the same flat amount for a book sold full retail at Borders as you do a clearance $3 book at a closeout chain?

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