A really bad movie I need to watch …

… is “John Tucker Must Die.” It’s on cable all the time, and I often keep it on as familiar background noise. It may well be one of the Top 10 worst films of all time, right up there with “AI” and the first “Star Trek.” But for some reason, it gnaws at my cranial lobe just enough to serve as rear chatter.

Oh, wait—they just threw punch on Tucker’s girlfriend. Oh, smack.

Anyhow, here’s my list of five sucky movies I will watch repeatedly as my brain melts into liquid cheese:

1. John Tucker Must Die—Terrible … but, well, just terrible. Amazingly, starts as a horrible movie and gets progressively worse.

2. A Walk To Remember—Terrible … but it hooks me every single time.

3. Rocky III—Terrible … but Mr. T.

4. The Muppets Take Manhattan—Terrible … but still Kermit.

5. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles—Terrible … but oddly not that terrible.

3 thoughts on “A really bad movie I need to watch …”

  1. how the heck could you lump Rocky III with the rest of that garbage. That was a masterpiece in cinematography. About a man who had all the trappings of fame and fortune and suddenly lost his soul and his will to win and it resulted in an a devastating loss to Clubber Lang To compound matters worse, he lost his beloved trainer Mickey. to a heart attack. Yet, he was able to overcome this adversity and triumph in the end. Great Movie!!!

    If you were going to submit a bad rocky movie I would submit Rocky V into this one. That one is very unwatchable

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