The fourth book giveaway

OK, so my wonderful wife keeps saying, “When are you gonna stop blogging about your pimples and start blogging about the, ahem, Dallas Cowboys and, ahem, your book?”

Point well taken.

So here’s my segway: As the fourth (and best) book giveaway, I offer this: I have compiled a list of the 10 players I consider to be most vital to the 90s Dallas Cowboys’ vast successes. Post your own list here (in order of importance), and the one that comes closest to matching mine wins a freshly minted copy of “Boys Will Be Boys,” as well my DVD (which I used for research) of the history of the Cowboys—as well as a used, one-of-a-kind Jeff Pearlman tissue.

Here’s a hint: My list does not include Babe Laufenberg.

15 thoughts on “The fourth book giveaway”

  1. 1. Troy Aikman
    2. Michael Irvin
    3. Emmitt Smith.
    4. Nate Newton.
    5. Jay Novacek.
    6. Erik Williams.
    7. Darryl Johnston.
    8. Mark Tuinei.
    9. Darren Woodson.
    10.Tony Tolbert.

  2. 1)Emmitt Smith
    2)Troy Aikman
    3)Mark Stepnoski
    4)Darren Woodson
    5)Micheal Irvin
    6)Erik Williams
    7)Jay Novacek
    9)Darryl Johnson
    9)Charles Haley
    10)Nate Newton

  3. Emmitt Smith
    Troy Aikman
    Michael Irvin
    Charles Haley
    Jay Novacek
    Nate Newton
    Darren Woodson
    Tony Tolbert
    Chris Bonoil (because you always pick a wild card)

  4. 1) Herschel Walker
    2) Emmitt Smith
    3) Michael Irvin
    4) Troy Aikman
    5) Charles Haley
    6) Nate Newton
    7) Darren Woodson
    8) Erik Williams
    9) Jay Novacek
    10) Mark Stepnoski

  5. Troy Aikman
    Herschel Walker
    Emmitt Smith
    Charles Woodson
    Michael Irvin
    Erik Williams
    Jay Novacek
    Darryl Johnson
    Jay Novacek
    Mark Stepnoski

  6. 1. Emmitt Smith
    2. Michael Irvin
    3. Troy Aikman
    4. Charles Haley
    5. Jay Novacek
    6. Darren Woodson
    7. Daryl Johnston
    8. Erik Williams
    9. Leon Lett
    10. Ken Norton, Jr.

  7. 1. Emmitt Smith
    2. Erik Williams
    3. Nate Newton
    4. Michael Irvin
    5. Troy Aikman
    6. Charles Haley
    7. Mark Stepnowski
    8. Mark Tuinei
    9. Jay Novacek
    10. Ken Norton Jr

  8. Michael Irvin
    Emmitt Smith
    Herschel Walker
    Troy Aikman
    Jay Novacek
    Charles Haley
    Erik Williams
    Daryl Johnston
    Nate Newton
    Leon Lett

  9. Unfortunately, I know almost nothing about the Cowboys of the ’90s. But here is a list for you, the top 10 most vital Seattle Mariners of the 90s:

    1. Ken Griffey, Jr.
    2. Edgar Martinez
    3. Randy Johnson
    4. Jay Buhner
    5. Jaime Moyer
    6. Lou Piniella (has any other manager in history ever been traded for another team’s only all star?)
    7. Pat Gillick
    8. Dan Wilson
    9. Alex Rodriguez (that hurts to admit)
    10. Tie – Dave Niehaus & Rick Kaminski

  10. First- Herschel Walker
    The next 3 have to be-
    Troy, Emmitt, and Michael

    Haley, Novacek, Woodson, Big E (Erik Williams), Larry Allen

    I’m struggling with the last one, really want to go with “the Shark”, special teams extraordinaire(sp) Kenny Gant. Ok, we’ll leave it like that.

  11. 1. Troy Aikman
    2. Michael Irvin
    3. Emmitt Smith
    4. Darren Woodson
    5. Erik Williams
    6. Charles Haley
    7. Leon Lett
    8. Jay Novacek
    9. Larry Allen
    10. Daryl Johnston

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