Hillary Supporters for John McCain

I’m gonna be honest here. I’ve always been one of those people who dismisses conspiracy theories as garbage. No, I don’t think Lyndon Johnson wanted JFK dead. No, I don’t think the earth is flat. No, I don’t wear women’s underwear and sing Rick Astley songs when nobody’s looking (uh, oops). But I am really beginning to think that the Republicans are (wisely, I suppose) behind all these so-called Democratic women who are “crossing” over to support John McCain.

Think about it. If I’m a Republican operative, I get as many women as humanly possible to stand outside the Pepsi Center in Denver with Hillary T-shirts and MCain signs, screaming, “Down with Obama! Down with Obama!” It’s brilliant strategy, especially considering how pathetically duped the modern television “journalist” (quotes intended) can be. It actually reminds me of the aftermath of the 2000 election, when the Republicans literally bussed people into Florida to storm the election center in mock rage. Now, I believe, it’s mock Hillary supporters.

One more thought: Any true Hillary supporter—no matter how angry—would have to be on crack and Kool-Aid to support McCain. You’re talking about a candidate who is literally running 180-degrees opposite of your positions. He’s pro-life, anti-universal health care, anti-stem cell, pro-extending Iraq, pro-death penalty, anti-gay rights, etc. Yeah, maybe you think Obama sucks. But let’s get real here—at least you know he shares, at worst, 90 percent of Hillary’s positions.

Oh, and I have a book coming out.