Hill and Bill and Drill and Shrill

I just received a very interesting e-mail from a person who voted for Hillary and is now refusing to support Obama. I’ll keep the person’s confidence, but I wrote the following reply, which speaks strongly to how I feel. Would love to hear any thoughts on this …

I was (regrettably) an Edwards guy. But as soon as he dropped out, I went for Obama. Do you really wanna accuse Obama of running a shit-stained campaign? How about Bill’s Obama-Jesse comment after South Carolina, which was sooooooooo deliberate. How about, during her stump speeches, Hillary talking about how, “John McCain has experience, I have experience—all Barack Obama has is a stump speech.”—a line that crossed so many primary barriers it’s not even funny.

Clearly, we all see what we want to see, based on our vantage points. I like Hill as my senator, but I refused to support her based on a simple political stance—her vote to support the Iraq resolution. If you delve into the details, it was a blatantly (and offensively) political calculation. If she was truly concerned about Bush not talking before action, she could have voted for the alternative ammendment offered by Hagel, etc al. But instead she voted to support Bush for the primary reason of looking tough and strong and rugged come election time. That offended me to no end—personal gain over the welfare of troops.

Thing is, I STILL would have supported her now. And for you to possibly vote Repub … to not vote Obama because you’re mad—just inane. In fact, I’ll congratulate you ahead of time on McCain’s victory: Women’s right to choose—gone. Energy independence—gone. Gay rights—gone. Iraq—a continued mess. You may well hate Obama with good reason, but at the end of the day he and Hillary share about 97% of the same positions. You vote for McCain, you’re basically voting against yourself.

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