A great pick (damn)

Looks like John McCain is smarter than people give him credit for. He’s gonna pick Sarah Palin, Alaskan governor, as his VP pick—and I think it’s pretty damn brilliant.

A. Adds a groundbreaking element to what was a very antiquated campaign.

B. She has a limited record (first term governor), so she can’t be picked apart.

C. Dissatisfied female Hillary supporters—an obvious, and wise, target.

D. She’s pro-life, so the Republican base won’t complain. But she also believes in global warming and isn’t hostile toward gays.

E. Attractive (sadly, it helps)

Negatives: She’s from Alaska. She has almost zero experience. She supposedly had a government employee paid off to seek revenge against a relative.

Overall, however, props to McCain. Game on.

** Side thought: It’s interesting that, had Obama picked Hillary, there’s no way McCain makes this selection. Man, it’s such a chess match.

1 thought on “A great pick (damn)”

  1. Odd, though, in that one of McCain’s primary criticisms of Obama is that he lacks experience. So let’s pick someone with even less experience to be a heartbeat away from the Presidency, esp. for a potential president of advanced age.

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