The vagina monologues

I keep thinking about John McCain’s VP choice, and with each passing hour I become more and more offended.

Here’s how I see it unfolding:

A. Obama and Hillary loathe one another.

B. Obama picks Joe Biden as VP.

C. McCain desperately wants to grab those dissatisfied Hillary supporters, but doesn’t know how.

D. Steve Schmidt, McCain’s advisor, says, “Here’s a thought. Hillary Clinton and Sarah Palin are very similar.”

E. McCain asks, “Who’s Sarah Palin.”

F. “The governor of Arkansas,” says Schmidt.

G. “No,” injects an assistant. “Alaska.”

E. “Oh, her,” McCain says, “So how are they similar? On global warming”

F. “No,” says Schmidt

G. “On abortion?”

H. “No,” says Schmidt.

I. “On the economy?”

J. “No,” says Schmidt.

K. “I’m confused,” says McCain.

L. “Well,” says Schmidt, “they both have vaginas.”

M. “Ohhhhhh,” says McCain. “That is something.”

And so it is. Think about it. Sarah Palin has literally no viable experience to be president. She was a governor for 18 months, and before that the mayor of a town 1/4 the size of Mahopac, where I grew up. She played high school hoops, was a beauty queen, served on the PTA. I have no reason to believe she’s not a nice person and an able governor of a very small (and unique) state. But John McCain is 72, and a recovering cancer patient. The idea of her stepping in to deal with, oh, Iraq or Iran or China trade issues is, for lack of a better word, laughable.

Had Obama picked Hillary, there is no way—no friggin’ way—McCain makes this choice. He is gambling that women are stupid; that they won’t notice the differences between a pro-choice, pro-universal health care senator like Clinton and a first-term, right-wing governor from Alaska.

I think he’s wrong.

8 thoughts on “The vagina monologues”

  1. No experience to be president? Sounds like Obama-Biden to me. I’ve heard that one before. The “no experience” argument hasn’t exactly been a good one in this election.

    And, yeah, SOME women voters have shown they are stupid over the last few years. The ones Im referring to are shallow and you’d be surprised how many women vote based on looks. ahem, Bill Clinton, ahem.

    You’re absolutely right, SOME women Im referring to do NOT know the difference in this case. They want to see a woman in office. Period.

    You aren’t uncovering anything earth shattering by saying McCain just wanted to pick a woman to attract Hillary supporters. Of course that’s the case! Just politics, Jeff. And smart politics, too

  2. Dan, Biden’s experience in national government is more extensive than McCain’s. Obama’s experience in community affairs and government is more extensive than Palin’s, because Palin was in small time local government starting in 1992, then statewide affairs beginning in 1999, then governor starting in 2006… except that all this is in a state with a population that would be the 20th most populous CITY in the United States, around the size of Memphis, TN. Also, one of the state’s many virtues is a liability when it comes to national politics: it’s the most isolated state in the union. In other words, as Jeff stated, she has no demonstrated viability as a national political candidate, on top of having the Troopergate scandal. I’ll give her the benefit of the doubt, since I know almost nothing about her capacity for ideas or management, or anything, really, about what kind of political animal she is, but the preponderance of evidence indicates this is a ludicrous selection made for cynical reasons.

  3. Like I said, just politics 😉

    Time for Obama to come up with a new strategy in the wake of McCain’s VP choice. You know, one that doesn’t involve the words “change” and “hope.”

    I still want to know what he’s selling that his supporters are blindly buying.

  4. And why the hell are we debating this on a sport’s journalists blog? There’s stuff going on in that world too. If I want a bias opinion there are plenty of avenues I can venture.

  5. Wait a second… Bill Clinton’s good-looking? Monica might’ve been turned on, but I think she was impressed by his Oval office, not his face. For the record, I voted for Bill because he was running against a truly horrible incumbent president.

    McCain made his choice based on who he thought could help him get elected, not who could be a strong VP. I’m relieved that Obama didn’t make the same mistake.

  6. Obama has at least been through a tough primary, been tested by the electorate, traveled the world, and has prepared for the Presidency, even if his experience is minimal (which, let’s be fair, it is). He also brought Biden on board to help with his campaign and, more importantly, with his Presidency. Palin has zero, zilch, no experience whatsoever, has never even thought about national problems let alone foreign policy, and two years ago, she was mayor of a town that couldn’t have filled one-fifth of the stadium where Obama gave his speech. If McCain – a 72-yr old, four time cancer survivor whose body has been through more than perhaps any American, dies or is incapacitated, he will leave the entire country to a woman who isn’t qualified to be president of anything, let alone the United States. While I was on the fence before, I now see no way in which I could support Sarah Palin for VP. McCain might be a good President, but we can no longer trust his judgment.

  7. do your homework, boys. Palin has more EXECUTIVE experience than all 3 men combined.

    side note: just heard on the radio that obama is “promising” to lower the capital gain on small businesses. sounds fair enough, right? one problem, though: THAT’S NOT POSSIBLE! if that doesn’t sum up the bullshit that obama is drenched in, i don’t know what does.

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