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Palin’s speech


Scornful … mean-spirited … odd … red meat to a room of rich white people. The way she chooses to mock Obama’s record as a community organizer on the South Side of Chicago—odd, a bit racist, over the top. It sort of rings as “While John McCain was doing so-and-so, Barack Obama was volunteering in the Peace Corps. What … a … loser.”

And she HAS TO stop curling her lip after every point. It’s killing me. Absolutely killing me.

I’m admittedly biased, and might be off here. But I just don’t think the typical smug anger is the way for the Republicans to go this year. Nobody gives a shit about the liberal northeast media or about “Drill Now! Drill Often!” Nobody—well, maybe some—wants to hear Obama ruthlessly mocked as she’s doing. But, hey, I should be watching tennis …