Where are the black people?

“I have one more cure for energy conservation—let’s keep Al Gore’s private jet on the ground.”

— Mitt Romney

Am watching Mitt Romney speak at the Republican National Convention. They keep panning the crowd, and I see nary a single black person. Not one. This sounds funny, but, to me, it’s a serious issue. As Chris Rock has noted, perhaps Minneapolis truly is home to a mere two blacks—Prince and Kirby Puckett (well, one black—RIP Kirb). But, truth be told, African-Americans just don’t feel represented by a political party that shows no interest in helping people; in acknowledging the financial struggles of so many minorities.

Hearing Mitt speak, I feel like I’m watching a convention in, oh, 1988. Same Republican arguments about evil liberals and social programs; same “I’m proud to be an American … where at least I know I’m free …” bullshit.

Oh, one more thing. Mitt says John McCain will “defeat” radical Islam. That’d be one helluva trick.

** Reminder: Romney once said we should double the size of Gitmo. Good man. Real good man.