The fifth contest …

I was thinking this might be funny. Having survived the last-second Emmitt Smith smack-down on Outside The Lines three days ago, I’ve been gifted with several people offering one-liners I should have fired off at the NFL’s all-time leading rusher.

To refresh the memory, Smith said, “Go sell some books Jeff …”

And I said, well, I said nothing.

Hence, whoever comes up with the best one-liner wins a free copy of “Boys Will Be Boys.”

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8 thoughts on “The fifth contest …”

  1. Jeff,
    I find it interesting that “we’re talking about America, and in America we give people second chances” is Emmitt’s rationale, when a team like the Portland Trail Blazers gave second chances, but didn’t WIN with them, causing a huge uproar. It’s humorous that such structure couldn’t apply to the Cowboys, even though the Blazers appear to be turning things around with character guys. I know they’re more the exception than the rule, but it’s worth noting.

    If Emmitt’s Arizona Cardinals took so many chances on hoodlums, Bill Bidwill will be run out of town. That’s why the biggest risk a franchise like that will take, is on a washed up, former great running back who wears No. 22 and not on miscreants like Pacman, TO and Vick.

    And that, friend, should have been your zinger.

    Too long? You could have always stuck out your tongue and said, “Yeah? Well Aikman’s a better commentator.”

  2. “Will do, Emmitt. And you keep cha-cha-ing your way to disco-ball trophies on cheesy reality shows and touching up your grey on truly embarrassing men’s hair product commercials.”

  3. “Hey Emmitt, hope somebody sells you a dictionary”

    “Hey Emmitt, keep being a douchebag”

    “Hey Emmitt.. Elmer Fudd laughs at you”

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