Pig lips

Tonight I promised my wife that I wouldn’t make any more political posts here. Well, this will be my last one.

In watching this election, I’ve become increasingly despondent. Not because of who is winning or losing, but because we continue to go through this process with a galling lack of seriousness and perspective. There are real, true, important concerns about the four main participants in this election: Is Obama too inexperienced, and what has he done (in actual record) that designates change? Is McCain too tied to President Bush, and has his actual record been a maverick-esque as his talk? Is Biden too blunt to be diplomatic? Is Palin too inexperienced, and why did she want to ban books from the local library. I mean, literally there are hundreds upon hundreds of legitimate questions to be asked here and—whether you’re a Democrat or a Republican—they’re worth asking.

And yet, the … same … thing … happens … every … four … years.

Today’s issue: Was Obama being sexist when he made a “lipstick on a pig” remark (the same one John McCain made a few months back).

Yesterday’s issue: Is Palin the mother of her youngest child?

The day before’s issue: Does McCain want to stay in Iraq for 100 more years?

The day before’s issue: Is Obama too elitist?

ENOUGH! ENOUGH! ENOUGH! ENOUGH! Can we, the media, please start focusing on the economy and the war and health insurance? Can we, the media, stop inviting campaign representatives onto the airwaves to sell us bulls@@@? Can we, the media, stop having partisan panelists and try and find truly objective individuals? And can we, the people, stop being so damn stupid? I don’t care whether Palin’s hair is colored or real. I don’t care if Obama is stodgy. I don’t care that McCain likes hard rock. I. Don’t. Care.

I am worried about the real estate market, which sucks, and energy independence, which is something we keep struggling with. Yes, I support Obama, but I truly respect McCain, as well.

Now we can please run a righteous election?