The fifth contest …

I mistakingly said people should e-mail me the answers, but it’s best to post them here. Thus far, the entries include:

“And Emmitt, you keep on keeping on… ESPN have a golden egg with you.” —Vince

“Good luck with the English as a Second Language (ESL) classes this fall.” —Doug

“Keep hanging on to the “Star”, Emmitt.” — Timothy

“Hey Emmitt, the Jerk Store called and they’re running out of you!” — Tommy

“Hey Emmitt, go READ some books.” — Joe

“I hope you’re enjoying your retirement Emmitt.” — Charles

7 thoughts on “The fifth contest …”

  1. The problem with Emmitt’s comment is that it’s so passive-aggressive. It’s not even a decent, witty, ball-busting comment. It’s petty & stupid. It lacks class and ignores the basic manners that govern society. It reminds me of something right outta Mean Girls with LiLo.

    Unfortunately, You can’t say anything without stooping down to his level. Just know this: if my kids took a parting shot at me like that, I’d snap back and set them straight with just one look. It would never happen again. Obviously, Emmitt’s momma didn’t teach him any manners.

  2. NFL Career Rushing Record, 18,355 yards
    NFL Career Rushing TDs Record, 164 Touchdowns
    Jeff Pearlmans books on tape as read by Emmitt Smith,

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