The funny thing about blogging

So today, in the wake of the whole Emmitt Smith thing, as well as a link from the Dallas Morning News website, I’ve received more hits on this site than ever before. Many of them have been negative—and rightfully so.

In the grand scheme of things, I’ve found the whole Emmitt-Outside the Lines episode to be funny and quirky and fun to discuss. Hence, the multiple blogs. But, truth be told, the top writers don’t dwell on those sort of things. I should be trying to promote a book, not myself or a faded TV appearance. So I’d like to acknowledge the stupidity of my Emmitt posts. He made a harmless comment at the end of an interview that was, at best, slightly rude. I’ve been in this business long enough not to harp on such stuff … and yet, I did.

One other point I’d like to make: Several people have bemoaned my book without having yet read it (“Boys Will Be Boys” doesn’t come out until next Tuesday). They say I’m taking advantage of a team; that I’m only in it for the money and/or the attention; that we’re like vultures, waiting to swoop in and eat the leftover meat.

I truly resent that. As a kid, I gobbled up sports biographies—one after the other after the other. From Bo Jackson to Reggie Jackson to Terry Bradshaw to Rod Carew to Billy Martin, there wasn’t a sports book I’d let pass through the Mahopac Public Library without a read. So to write a book like “Boys Will Be Boys,” well, it’s a genuine dream job. Yes, the money allows my family to eat. But the happiness here comes in looking back in time and bringing a team back to life—the triumph, the sadness, the characters. Do I enjoy writing about strip clubs and drunken parties and the like? I won’t lie—sure I do. But not because I’m trying to bring anyone down. I simply enjoy the drama and action and, most of all, fun. I especially love the fact that I can walk into the Mahopac Public Library, my old haunt, and see my books lined up alongside those of my heroes.

Anyhow, I just wanted to share that.

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