Bob Costas

Today I spent about two hours with Bob Costas in a New York City studio, talking Cowboys and Bonds and Rocker and whatnot for his radio show.

I’d never met Bob before and, I’ve gotta say, I left extremely impressed. In the course of my career I’ve run across myriad radio and/or TV personalities who come off one way on the air, another off of it. Costas, however, is exactly what you’d expect—smart, witty, engaging, knowledgeable. A lot of TV people seem to crave celebrity and—when they reach the status of “star”—let their egos fly off to a different stratosphere. Everything becomes about them (like, egad, this blog every so often); every conversation centers on their take. Not Costas.

When people look back at this generation in sports media, Costas will go down as a Jim McKay-esque figure. He’s fair but tough, smart but not arrogant, insightful but not full of garbage. I was scheduled for only 30 minutes, but we wound up doing a two-hour segment.

It was a true honor to be interviewed by the man.

One reply on “Bob Costas”

He’s a class act. I met him at my professor’s funeral (Dr. Harry Cargas) in 1997. He flew home to St. Louis and was a true gentleman to the family & the mourners.

Seriously, Bob Costas can do no wrong in my eyes. I was 22 and he made a great impression on me.


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