media, media, media, media … and Emmitt’s struggles

A big couple of days for the book and its dashing author. Today the New York Times ran this online Q&A, and the Philadelphia Inquirer ran a piece of its own. The excellent, must-read sports blog, Kissing Suzy Kolber, ran this joyful piece, and on Wednesday night I’ll be appearing on The Best Damn Sports Show. As I write this I’m sitting in a Los Angeles hotel room, drained beyond belief, tired beyond tired.

Anyhow, while walking tonight I was thinking about Emmitt Smith, and how he’s really struggled as an announcer on ESPN. I certainly believe Smith is smart enough to improve, but here’s the problem he (and many other ex-jocks making the leap) face: It’s simple for Emmitt to run the football. But how to explain the feelings? The speed? The power? The pain. Athletes—especially male athletes—are taught to internalize. Internalize pain. Internalize emotion. So now, to expect Emmitt to be able to verbalize each and every play, well, it’s unrealistic.

PS: I have no clue who the people in the photo are.

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