Thank you

I can get snarkey and snide and petty on this blog, but I wanted to take a moment to thank everyone for such incredible support. The book came out three days ago, and it’s No. 12 on Amazon. No. 12! Beyond my ambitions. So thanks, thanks, thanks for the purchases, and passing the word. So appreciated.

On another note, appeared on Best Damn yesterday, and left incredibly impressed by Eddie George. Smart, quick, funny, friendly. If I’m a network guy looking for a studio voice, I’m picking George over anyone else out there. He might not have the name impact of an Emmitt Smith or Deion Sanders or Dan Marino, but he has waaaaay more on-air potential.

And my friend Bev loves him.

2 thoughts on “Thank you”

  1. Did you see the mention in the Philadelphia Inquirer today? John Gonzalez recommended it in his column on page 2 of the Sports section. Your name is even in bold print! Way to go!

  2. just got the book yesterday and completed the first 80 pages. The book is a hit… This could be one of the most talked about books this season.

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