my favorite story

I’ve probably written, oh, 5,000 articles in my career. This is officially my favorite.

I’d been haunted by Lyman Bostock for a loooong time—since childhood. Always wondered who he was; what he was like; what really happened; why it happened. Perhaps that’s the best part about my profession—you’re in the rare position to learn the answers.

Lyman’s widow is one of the coolest people I’ve ever met—a gem.

Hope y’all enjoy this.

2 thoughts on “my favorite story”

  1. Yeah I thought this was a fantastic article. I try and read just about anything that you put out, but I thought this one really stood out. I’m only 22 so Bostock really didn’t register with me. I’d only heard of him after seeing his name in some Twins’ record books. To hear what Fregosi and others had to say about him, especially Carew, made me think of what kind of person and player we missed out on

  2. That was a great piece, Jeff. A really interesting story… I had never heard of Bostock.

    People really kill me though — with the comments. Most were great, but what did some of those people expect you to do? Avenge Bostock’s death?

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