The big con

Over the course of this week, Republican consultants will do their all to build up Joe Biden as the greatest debater the world has ever seen. He’s smart. Quick. Smooth. He’s been doing this sort of thing for 30 years, and there’s no way—no possible way—he should struggle with Sarah Palin. Even though I’m a liberal guy, I don’t blame the Repubs one iota for taking such an approach. It’s the same thing they did when George W. Bush headed into his debates vs. Al Gore—and, even though Gore won in a romp, many “experts” gave the debates to Bush, because he spoke clearly and made some jokes.

In other words, the s— works.

So if I’m Biden, here’s what I do: Nothing. Hammer Sarah Palin. Go hard after her record and her background. Don’t tiptoe around or worry about turning people off. Hell, if you must, take two seconds to say, “I’ve been warned by a lot of people that I need to watch what I say in this debate; that if I go after the governor too hard, it’ll turn voters off. Well, I’m rejecting that notion. Because, quite frankly, we’re not running for a city council seat here. This is the vice presidency, it’s serious stuff, and one should know whereof he/she speaks. I expect Gov. Palin to come after me hard, and I’m sure she expects me to do the same. We’re adults—we can take it.”

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