Why I blog about politics on my book site

My friend C.J. Nitkowski likes to remind me that I hate pundits—yet I’ve sorta become one via this site. I would disagree with this point, in that what I hate about pundits is how networks like CNN, MSNBC and FOX hire them to give political insight, and 99% of the time they spew party loyalty.

Since this is my blog, and I can write whatever I’d like, I don’t qualify. 🙂

So, with a handful of complaints about my political blogging (“Stick to sports!”), I wanted to express why I choose to do so here.

For the past eight years, I have watched on in great sorrow as George W. Bush has, in my opinion, guided this nation in the most disastrous fashion of my lifetime. Everything is based on partisan politics. Nobody has been asked to sacrifice. We attack nations without proper cause, hold people without pressing charges, offer tax breaks to those who deserve no such benefits. I respected Gerald Ford; I was disappointed by Jimmy Carter; I disliked Ronald Reagan; I tolerated George H. Bush; I loved-then-loathed Bill Clinton. But never—ever—have I completely mistrusted a president until George W. Bush. That, more than anything, is why I blog about politics. Because, while I want my book to sell well, that interests me considerably less than the future of this country. I cannot take another four (or eight) years of Republicanism in the White House. I look at John McCain and I see a man I once admired—but a man who has lost his way. Who picks a running mate after meeting the person once? Who bases his energy policy around “Drill, baby, Drill!” Who still thinks we can attain “victory” in Iraq? (I don’t mean that it can’t end relatively well. But clearly this is not a win-or-lose conflict) I am sick and tired of this, and I don’t want to sit on the sidelines any longer.

If this causes you not to buy my books, I understand.

3 thoughts on “Why I blog about politics on my book site”

  1. I hear ya. It’s nice to have a platform, any platform, in this political environment where it feels like rational voices are shouted down and ignored.

    If folks don’t like it, they don’t have to read the blog at all, now do they.

  2. I’m not political at all — I’m more likely to get upset with someone if they like u of arizona — but even I am disgusted with what Dubya’s done to and with our country. I’d never choose not to buy or read an interesting book, about one of my favorite teams, based on the personal politics of the author. That said…

    I do have to say that sometimes, some of this stuff comes off as angry and as partisan and as one sided as the kinds of people you’re railing against. You can’t take another 4-to-8 years of Republicanism — as if there is some monolithic, single minded mass from that side of the aisle? You’re excited for 4-to-8-to infinite years of Democratism (is that even a word, ha? Ha!), as if that would lead to an endless Utopia in this world?

    The biggest thing that has always turned me off about politics (and much of sports commentary nowadays for that matter) is how there seems to be no room in the process for nuance or civil dialogue between opposing viewpoints. It’s like one big episode of ATH with Skip Bayless on one side and Jay Mariotti on the other.

    I’ve read just about every post you’ve put up since the blog started and will continue to do so, but I have often wondered if you don’t see the irony in the way you continue the conversation next to those you oppose. I’d love to hear more shades of grey in the political process, whether it’s on your blog or elsewhere.

    But we can at least all agree that u of a sucks. Those guys are assholes forever. 😉

  3. I find it refreshing and downright heroic that you choose to speak out at the risk of losing right wingers who might stop buying your books.

    Whether we’re writers, doctors, plumbers or grocery clerks, we should all take ownership in our country and speak truth to power.

    For too long since 9/11, Americans have been bullied or shamed for speaking out against Bush or this war (“If you don’t support the war, you can’t support the troops” and W’s classic “You’re either with us, or you’re with the terrorists.”).

    I hope the American people are starting to realize that the dogmatic Neo-Cons are not operating with the interests of the American people in mind.

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