I hate the Red Sox

And the Yankees.

And the Mets.

And the Dodgers.

I hate all big-money teams when they’re playing a small-money team. So as I sit here, watching the Red Sox begin to climb out of a 7-0 hole (it’s now 7-6), I’m sickened. The Red Sox, like those other teams, don’t deserve to be rooted for. They’re the evil empires—the corporate giants who trot out one big name after another.

The Rays are young and fresh and hip and cool and, at $44 million in payroll, affordable. From my days covering baseball at SI, I genuinely like a couple of the Sox (there are no better people than Sean Casey). But, damn, I just can’t root for them. Just can’t.

But this friggin’ Dan Wheeler is killing me …

3 thoughts on “I hate the Red Sox”

  1. I am a Sox fan, although I’m not going to riot or anything. It’s late and I am in my PJs and all…

    I knew it wasn’t their year, but I enjoyed the games.

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