A (Democratic) idiot


This is infuriating. You wanna cheat on your wife? It’s your business (and, uh, your wife’s). But don’t go running on a Family Values platform while doing so. Man, power is the worst drug I’ve ever seen. More addictive than crack, more mind-altering than shrooms, more expensive than coke. And I’m the guy who used to go to Marty and Lenny’s in high school and order a Woo-Woo …

Bottom line: If you’re not happy in your marriage, do something about it. Seek counseling. Talk it out. Hell, get a divorce. But why cheat? Why reach that sort of level where you’re humiliating a person who supposedly love(d)? Why?


2 thoughts on “A (Democratic) idiot”

  1. Why? Because you want to have your cake and eat it too….because you think you deserve it….because you have an insatiable ego….because you’re a selfish dumbass.

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