You are an idiot

So checked my e-mail a few minutes ago, received the following:

You are an idiot!
Bill XXXXXXX-Retail Sales Manager
XXXXX Telephone Company

There was no context, so—with some free time to spare—I dropped Bill a call. He didn’t answer, but as I was waiting the theme to Monday Night Football played repeatedly. Finally, Bill’s voice mail picked up, and it included a lengthy pitch for XXXXX products. (I left a message with my number. Odds he calls back—10 percent)

Maybe I’m off here, but if I’m Bill, and I’m trying my darndest to sell XXXXX goods, I might not fire off too many “You are an idiot!” e-mails. (As a side note, I’d also say that if I’m Bill, and I’m trying to get a date, I might change my on-hold music) Now, we’ve all send a regrettable letter now and then. But as my dad has repeatedly stressed throughout my life, one never knows where the next business opportunity will spring from—so walk carefully.

The Monday Night Football theme. Good lord.

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