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Mrs. Travaglini

This is my second grade class picture. The teacher was a woman named Kathy Travaglini, and I give her much credit for directing me toward journalism. For some reason I don’t quite remember, Mrs. Travaglini allowed me to put on TV shows for the entire class. I had a large cardboard box, with the front cut out. I’d use two spools, and roll different pictures along the spools, creating what was supposed to be a television program. I remember absolutely loving it, and immediately started writing for the elementary school newspaper, the highly respected Lakeview Echo.

And now here I am, sitting in my underwear as a dog licks my toes and I put off researching my next book …

(for the record, I’m top row, middle. Vinny DeSilva, to my immediate left, once pushed me to the ground in a touch football game and cracked my front tooth in half. I’ve never forgiven the boy)