God bless North Carolina

It’s official: We’re all fucking crazy.

A few days ago Elizabeth Dole, North Carolina Republican senator, launched this ad. It is—hands down—evil; an attempt to portray Kay Hagan as a Godless enemy of religion. I mean, it’s really, really slimy. As bad as I’ve seen—and I always sorta respected Dole.

So what happens? Hagan launches a rebuttal advertisement, slamming Dole’s pitch and affirming that she is, in fact, a Christian. Boo-yah!

What’s missing here is the obvious: Who gives a shit? Why can’t people who don’t believe in God hold a fundraiser? Do you only accept money from those with faith? Have we reached a point in the merging of religion and politics that atheism disqualifies one from public office? How about not accepting Jesus as your Lord and savior? While these two battle over who’s the greater Christian, I wonder what it says about our nation’s priorities. Somewhere in the country, just as there’s a young Muslim boy who sees the presidency is out of his reach, there are atheists and agnostics questioning whether we still truly live in “the land of the free.”

And it pisses me off.

(All that said, I looooove the “bearing witness” line in Hagan’s spot. Very powerful kicker.)

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  1. Good call, I hate the fact that an atheist cannot be elected president in this country because so many otherwise thoughtful and logical people would question whether such a candidate has the necessary “moral strength” to serve. As if Christians had the monopoly on morality… I have also often suspected that one or both of the major candidates are atheistic or agnostic at heart, but instead joined churches a long time ago because it was politically expedient (just a hunch, and probably wrong).

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