Uh, oh.

Today I’m feeling very, uh, Hypochondriacal. Om my right hand, my thumb has been twitching every 45 minutes or so, which—in my world—means I have six minutes to live and am surely dying of some horrible disease. Now, as a Hypo I was often able to pooh-pooh suck concerns by thinking, “Well, I am a hypo, so what are the odds I’m actually ill?” Then, unfortunately, I was introduced to the great Nirvana song, “Territorial Pissings,” which includes the line, “Just because you’re paranoid, doesn’t mean they’re not after you.” It also works for crazy people like myself—”Just because you’re a hypochondriac, doesn’t mean you don’t have ALS.” (feel free to sing along).

Speaking of pissings, of late I’ve been engaged in a little Facebook war with a certain former Major League baseball player who—despite being an all-around nice guy—doesn’t think global warming exists. This was very disappointing to me, because I considered the guy to be significantly more intelligent than the average boob-chasing, autograph-signing, Will Ferrell-loving ballplayer. But at this point, in the year 2008, believing global warming to be a hoax is no different than thinking cigarettes are not a health risk. It’s just plain stupid.

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  1. War? Say it ain’t so? Friendly debate I hope. For the record I like boobs (but only chase my wife’s) and I like Will Ferrell, autograph signing is neither here nor there for me.

    Tips to being a respected debater:
    1. Never get personal (“it’s just plain stupid!”), you lose credibility and a teeny weeny bit of respect from your opponent.
    2. Be open to the fact there are always two sides, be willing to be objective.
    3. Disagree, but respectfully disagree.
    4. Stay away from analogies (cigarettes) they could skew a point or mislead. I don’t know any educated person who thinks cigarettes are not a health risk. There are lots of educated people who think global warming is a myth. Therefore, not so stupid.

    Based on tip # 2:

    The global-warming hypothesis is no longer tenable. Scientists have been able to test it carefully, and it does not hold up. During the past 50 years, as atmospheric carbon dioxide levels have risen, scientists have made precise measurements of atmospheric temperature. These measurements have definitively shown that major atmospheric greenhouse warming of the atmosphere is not occurring and is unlikely ever to occur.

    The temperature of the atmosphere fluctuates over a wide range, the result of solar activity and other influences. During the past 3,000 years, there have been five extended periods when it was distinctly warmer than today. One of the two coldest periods, known as the Little Ice Age, occurred 300 years ago. Atmospheric temperatures have been rising from that low for the past 300 years, but remain below the 3,000-year average

    Oregon Institute of Science and Medicine

    The average temperaure in NJ has risen 1 degree over the past 100 years. considering the increase in population and all that comes with it from 1908 that is hardly a cause for concern. Objectively do you think that is reasonable expected, 1 degree?


  2. http://www.denisdutton.com/cooling_world.htm

    Had it been 1975 you most likely would have been talking about that stupid jock who didn’t believe in Global Cooling.

    Al Gore made a lot of cake and got a nice piece of hardware for that fiction work he produced.

    Be an independant and objective thinker. Don’t count on the media as your sole source of information, they tilt heavily one way.

  3. i don’t think all the evidence is in on this one, jeff.
    that doesn’t mean it isn’t happening. what it does mean is that certainty is not supported by the data.

    there are lots of reasons not to believe in global warming. some of them are rather humorous. i heard on the radio that some creationists are claiming a link between accepting evolution and accepting global warming. so the evangelicals aren’t likely to accept it on that basis alone.

    but there are other, more credible, reasons to be skeptical. Weather cycles are extremely long, and gathering a large sample of reliable weather data is difficult (not impossible). We do not fully understand the weather system well enough to predict behavior out past a few days with any degree of reliability. Our models just aren’t robust enough yet.

    I haven’t seen the data myself, but the fact that it is fashionable to believe is not in and of itself sufficient reason to believe.

    That is not to say that we shouldn’t act to as if it is true. A large scale investment in green technology could kick start the economy and clean up the air and water. Regardless of the validity of global warming, that is a Good Thing.

    Related: buying a new hybrid vehicle is less environmentally friendly than buying a used car of almost any make. Do the math.

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