The freshly shaved head

Shaved my head last night. Felt friggin’ great. Always love shaving my head, watching the brown hair fall to the newspaper like little pieces of poop-stained snow. On that odd thought, Top 10 small pleasures I get from life:

1. Shaving my head.

2. Hot shower in the middle of the day.

3. NFL highlights that don’t feature the words of: Chris Berman, Stu Scott, Emmitt Smith, Steve Young, Tom Jackson or anyone who works for ESPN, Fox, NBC or CBS.

4. The final five steps of a long run.

5. A kiss on the cheek from my daughter.

6. My 2-year-old singing along to the “Ha … Ha … Ha … Ha” chorus in the song “Prestige Replicas” by Von Hayes.

7. Big, baggy hooded sweatshirt on a 20-degree day.

8. The new Sports Illustrated with a 5,000-word Gary Smith profile on somebody I’ve never heard of.

9. Thinking about my Grandma Herz.

10. A back rub from my wife.