Land of the free

Today I received a lovely forwarded e-mail from a friend. The e-mail spoke of how we Americans are such complainers; that we fail to appreciate all that is good about the United States, and how lucky we are to be here, and how we should sorta shut up with all the whining.

Then, two second ago, I read this:

Today a federal district judge ordered that five Gitmo detainees be released. Greenwald:

The five men ordered released today have been imprisoned in a cage by the Bush administration for 7 straight years without being charged with any crimes and without there being any credible evidence that they did anything wrong. If the members of Congress who voted for the Military Commissions Act had their way (see them here and here), or if the four Supreme Court Justice in the Boumediene minority had theirs, the Bush administration would nonetheless have been empowered to keep them encaged indefinitely, for the rest of their lives if desired, without ever having to charge them with any crime or allow them to step foot into a courtroom to petition for habeas corpus.