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Brian Hickey V

An update from his wife:

This may be a duplicate email from me at, I apologize and hope to have the list into one by the end of the week.
12.1.08 10 pm
First, I want to say thank you on behalf of all of Brian’s family (and my family) for everyone’s love and support. I plan to start reading him letters from all of you tomorrow. I apologize if I do not respond to you right away, the phone has been ringing off the hook with support from everyone.
Brian is in critical condition and no longer in induced coma, but he is not awake or responding to commands. He sometimes moves the left side of his body and I think I felt him squeeze my hand today.  CT this afternoon is worse than the past two and shows a major vein located at the motor strip where the frontal lobe meets the parietal has been affected by the bleeding that occurred during surgery Saturday night, causing some hypoxia. This bleed was treated with coagulants and therefore there is a clot located at this position. All other areas which showed vein tearing and bleeding are stable, which is good. Two out of three docs called it a stroke, BUT, patients can recover from this.  And if anyone can it is Brian. Unfortunately, because he is bleeding in this area they can’t treat him for a stroke.  Also, after a stroke, there is swelling that takes place and usually appears Days 2 and 3. Tomorrow is Day 3 post-op, so we are not out of the woods with this area of bleeding yet. The goal is for tomorrow’s CT to be stable, but there is a chance it will worsen. Since he had bilateral craniotomies the swelling in this area will have some room, which is good, but I hope it doesn’t cause more hypoxia. Overall, the outcome of the surgery was a success because his ICP is stable and has been since Saturday. Once we hit a week and the ICP is still stable, it is likely the pressure will not get worse. All other vitals are also stable. The swelling in his face was less than last night, but his extremities are a slightly bigger.  He is accepting tube feedings and he continues to try and pull out the ventilator tube.
My thought going to sleep tonight is that tomorrow’s CT will be stable. If you visit Brian, he can hear you, so please talk to him.
Also, tonight we spoke to the police. No witnesses yet. There is the possibility that this car (the 911 caller stated they saw a car’s tail lights) was driven by someone who got off the Patco Speedline at Collingswood on their way home after a Philly Friday night happy hour. People need to think about whether they were out with any friends/colleagues that night who park at that lot and may have been arriving at the station around 10:10pm.  They could be the driver or even another passenger on the train may have seen a car heading in the direction of N. Atlantic. This information would also be helpful for the police and it’s anonymous to call it in. It could have also been someone in town for the holidays. Hopefully there was someone else in the car and they have a conscious.