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Brian Hickey X

Great update today from Brian Hickey’s wife, Angela …

“Brian is being moved out of the trauma stepdown icu into a regular trauma room as I write this. Visitng hours are 11am till 8pm at night. Don’t forget to use the bacterial hand lotion when you get into his room. He was moving his lips to mouth words today and he pointed to letters on his speech therapy sheet for us. The word was similar to a type of vehicle and he gave us the thumbs up and shook his head yes when we asked if that was what hit him. He may have just agreed with us, so we’ll have to ask him again.I left a message for the detective to let him know.”

Thus far, I haven’t given a ton of thought to whoever hit Hickey. I’ve been mostly concerned with his recovery. But if they ever catch the person, I will—without question—be at his trial. In the front row.