Why I would advise you not to get a dog

Here I stand early this morning, freezing my ass off, walking Norma. It was my fear when we bought a dog, and it has come true. Winter+Dog=No Good.

I’m not saying I don’t love little Norma. She’s a good gal. But, really, I can do without the early-morning hell …


5 thoughts on “Why I would advise you not to get a dog”

  1. Hey Jeff,

    Your picture reminds me of my recent puppy purchase. Born in Chicago, living in Arkansas due to my job, my puppy never experienced snow or winter until our recent trip home. Guess what…blew his mind. The picture is worth a thousand words.

  2. Fence in a part of your yard. It’s great being able to open the door and let the dog out without even having to put on your coat. Poop can be cleaned up later.

  3. man, you look soooo happy and content. i remember seinfeld’s classic routine about the martians landing and wondering who was in charge: the poopers or the poopies?

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