An early peek

The book isn’t scheduled to be released for quite a while, but I do have a first look at the cover to “The Rocket that Fell to Earth.” This sort of reminds me of being a kid and sitting around the TV, anxiously awaiting MTV’s debuting of a new video. Inevitably, the Stray Cats’ “Rock This Town” video would suck. Hopefully this book doesn’t follow suit.

Am writing as we speak. A very, very rough process …

4 thoughts on “An early peek”

  1. having read your first three books, i’m both looking forward to this one and dreading it at the same time.

    i felt the same way about each of the first three: about subjects that didn’t necessarily interest me, but read and enjoyed them because you do an amazing job getting great details. clearly an excellent job sourcing and reporting unpins the books.

    but each book also made me cringe because some elements of the writing style were cringe-worthy, particularly the ham-handed use of similes. that problem infested SI for a while, maybe that’s where you picked it up, but it makes reading otherwise great stuff aggravating as hell.

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