Now that I no longer write for …

… I figured I’d make a list. TOP 10 THINGS THAT IRK ME ABOUT ESPN.

1. Chris Berman‘s nicknames.

2. The way they celebrated distance and strength and power well after steroids were obvious.

3. That they gave Barry Bonds a reality show.

4. Around the f*&%ing Horn.

5. Stephen A. Smith—a man who insists on the A.

6. The way they treated Mike Freeman after his excellent tell-all book on the network.

7. Stuart Scott and his worn-out late-90s lingo.

8. Ron Jaworski. I know, I know—he’s supposed to be amazing and all. But I just can’t listen.

9. The way they hyped Terrell Owens until there was nothing left to hype.

10. Having a non-print journalist host the Sports Reporters.