Give A-Rod credit

Was listening to WFAN this morning, and people seemed to agree that Alex Rodriguez deserves credit for coming clean.

Then I vomited.

Coming clean? Coming clean!? Are we being serious here? To start with, A-Rod didn’t come clean. He lied and lied and lied about performance-enhancing drugs, then “came clean” after he was caught. Second, I believe A-Rod stopped using steroids just as I believe Jason Giambi is now a clean ballplayer. Are we really to swallow A-Rod’s argument that, because of the pressure of the $252 million contract in Texas, he started using? Then, when the heat was obviously reduced by coming to New York to play for the Yankees, he stopped?

I’m sorry, but this whole thing is ludicrous. And what bothers me most is how we, the media, will inevitably eat it up. I refuse to give A-Rod credit for following what is clearly the only script that’s been proven to work in these cases: Admit, narrow it to a limited number of years, express remorse, then look toward the future. Does anyone with a brain truly believe Andy Pettitte only used HGH two times? C’mon. But he “manned up,” and now nobody cares

I’m not sure what, exactly, the answer to all of this is. But it’s pretty damn messy.