Give A-Rod credit

Was listening to WFAN this morning, and people seemed to agree that Alex Rodriguez deserves credit for coming clean.

Then I vomited.

Coming clean? Coming clean!? Are we being serious here? To start with, A-Rod didn’t come clean. He lied and lied and lied about performance-enhancing drugs, then “came clean” after he was caught. Second, I believe A-Rod stopped using steroids just as I believe Jason Giambi is now a clean ballplayer. Are we really to swallow A-Rod’s argument that, because of the pressure of the $252 million contract in Texas, he started using? Then, when the heat was obviously reduced by coming to New York to play for the Yankees, he stopped?

I’m sorry, but this whole thing is ludicrous. And what bothers me most is how we, the media, will inevitably eat it up. I refuse to give A-Rod credit for following what is clearly the only script that’s been proven to work in these cases: Admit, narrow it to a limited number of years, express remorse, then look toward the future. Does anyone with a brain truly believe Andy Pettitte only used HGH two times? C’mon. But he “manned up,” and now nobody cares

I’m not sure what, exactly, the answer to all of this is. But it’s pretty damn messy.

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  1. Jeff…I enjoy your work and have enjoyed your books, but I think you’re a little offbase here.

    All we’ve heard from the media and fans is that if the “dirty” players just admit it their PED use and apologize then we’ll all forgive them and move on.

    No, I don’t think A-Rod’s response was sincere or entirely honest, either, but at what point will baseball’s moral majority be satisfied?

    Instead of demanding that Rodriguez “be MORE truthier”, I’ve long since conceded that from 1986-2005 there’s just no way to know who was using and who wasn’t.

    A-Rod shouldn’t get a parade or anything, but really, this is the best any of us are going to get from him. Consequently, I’m ready for pitchers and catchers to report.

  2. Nobody has brought up this solid point – It is not out of the question that Arod never did roids. He saw all of the nonsense that Clemens had to deal with. Clemens may have been falsely accused and he has to continually defend himself. Instead of going down Clemens’ path and being a constant distraction to his team and family, Arod may have admitted to something he didn’t do. And for this, Arod should be applauded. It’s time for him to bring the Yankees a championship and this could be the year.

  3. I remember the time in Chicago when the word was that the bulls were negotiating to bring in Dennis Rodman. The fans howled.. they begged they pleaded..NO!! We don’t want to win like that. Well.. needless to say he became the toast of Michigan Ave. Why why why would anyone be shocked.. I’m sure teenage girls are saying right now that Rihanna probably should have just shut up.

  4. For me it comes down to fact that things will forever be changed and there is no going back. The homerun record doesn’t mean anything anymore. It will be just another record like every other record in the 4 major sports. Do I have hatred for A-rod or any of these other clowns? no. But when my son gets older and asks about any of these guys the answer is going to be the same for all of them. They were good players but they did steroids and they were cheaters. I don’t need any asteriks next to a number in a record book – I know the truth.

  5. Great point, he didn’t come clean at all! Once he got caught he “came clean.” Thanks to players like him all baseball players are guilty until proven innocent. I’m sure he really stopped once he arrived in New York. Amazing.

  6. Let’s all try to be honest, starting with you Jeff. Admit there is NOTHING A Rod could have said to change your opinion about him. He could have done a Pettite and admitted just what was disclosed, limiting usage to only one year. But he didn’t do that. And it’s not his burden to blow the whistle on others. No doubt had he done so, you Jeff would have called him on it for trying to shine the spotlight away from himself. A journalist without objectivity is on the same level as an athlete who juices. Maybe worse, on second thought, so it’s time for you to look in the mirror and locate your objectivity.

  7. Seriously Russ, what are you smoking?

    I too did not view this “coming clean” as anything more than the kid who gets caught red-handed by mom or dad and only then admits to a wrongdoing. Not much sincerity there. And I agree that it’s not likely that he suddenly stopped when he arrived in the much less pressurized environment of Yankee Stadium (much kinder place than Arlington, huh?). I just think that players started using something else that wasn’t as yet banned.

    That’s the problem – we can’t put the genie back in the bottle now. There will always be the next supplement that everyone uses just before they develop a better test to check for it – they’ll always be one step ahead. So I don’t know that we can ever fully trust things again – and all these records are suspect.

  8. Jeff —

    Why has no one — not a single writer, TV personality or radio guy that I have ever heard ever brought up the argument that Tiger Woods may be on something? He has all of the signs; skinny kid whose body changed tremendously. Bulldozing all records. Plays a sport that never tested until recently. Intensely private. Adult acne
    Vanity (see hot wife, whitest teeth in America)

    Just asking? Now that A-Rod is out there is no more people that are out of the question.

  9. Love the site and your work. One question though, who is the Twins player in the pic above this post and what is the significance?



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