Beaten down by the negative

Boy, have I been negative these past few days. What can I say? Steroids bring me down.

Luckily, there are the e-mails I receive to turn my mood around. Just when I’m feeling especially down, I can turn to the letters from readers and …

“You are a moron. Can we please examine YOUR life, expose all the mistakes you’ve ever made, and then judge you? Maybe his teammates are there b/c they realize that he MADE A MISTAKE and they forgive him. I hope you fall off your high horse and break your f’ing neck.”

— Steve

… feel good about myself. Some folks seem to enjoy my take on sports, and that’s what makes this entire endeavor …

None of you idiots are even smart enough to grasp the concept that A-Rod tested positive while he was playing for THE TEXAS RANGERS. Making this about the yankees just reveals how dumb you are.

— Steve

… worthwhile and fun. I love writing, and I love sports, so the key here is to …

I guess you were never part of a team huh Jeffy? Talk about sackless and Bulls$%#, that’s exactly what I think of you after reading this pile of crap.

— Kelly

… aw, never mind.