Beaten down by the negative

Boy, have I been negative these past few days. What can I say? Steroids bring me down.

Luckily, there are the e-mails I receive to turn my mood around. Just when I’m feeling especially down, I can turn to the letters from readers and …

“You are a moron. Can we please examine YOUR life, expose all the mistakes you’ve ever made, and then judge you? Maybe his teammates are there b/c they realize that he MADE A MISTAKE and they forgive him. I hope you fall off your high horse and break your f’ing neck.”

— Steve

… feel good about myself. Some folks seem to enjoy my take on sports, and that’s what makes this entire endeavor …

None of you idiots are even smart enough to grasp the concept that A-Rod tested positive while he was playing for THE TEXAS RANGERS. Making this about the yankees just reveals how dumb you are.

— Steve

… worthwhile and fun. I love writing, and I love sports, so the key here is to …

I guess you were never part of a team huh Jeffy? Talk about sackless and Bulls$%#, that’s exactly what I think of you after reading this pile of crap.

— Kelly

… aw, never mind.

5 thoughts on “Beaten down by the negative”

  1. “Mistake.” My least favoritest word in the English language, when applied to serious (often criminal) misdeeds. I head it from Mark Teixeira the other day: “He [A-Rod] made a mistake.”

    A mistake that, by his own admission, occurred twice a month for three years. Yeah, that’s a “mistake.” Singular.

  2. You’re too sensitive to have a national audience. If your feelings are going to be hurt every time you get hit with some unkind words (from Emmitt Smith or Steve the commenter) then you don’t belong in the big leagues. Seriously, think about this man.

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