I alluded to this in an earlier post, but it’s a point I really want to make.

Later today, a who’s who lineup of Yankees will stand alongside Alex Rodriguez during his press conference in a show of strength and support.

So, uh, where’s the strength?

Group mentalities are easy. Too easy. We’re the Yankees, we all wear the same uniform, we all have one goal, we all will man up and support our guy. Blah, blah, blah, blah. It’s the same blather you hear from high school football coaches; from college basketball coaches; hell, from Klan leaders and gang leaders. We are one. We stand together. Be a man. Fight the power.


12 thoughts on “sackless”

  1. And then, if your son and daughter combined forces to create a revolutionary bowling shoe cleaning formula that took off and made them millionaires and they were able to give dad the life he’s always deserved… well, that would be perfect then.


    good points, Jeff.

  2. I would guess that many of them are standing behind A-Rod because they too are juicers and would expect the same if they are ever outed.

  3. I have never been a Yankees fan, but I loved watching the Yankees play in the late 90s. They had some guys who were team players and played the game the right way. Alex is blessed with more talent than any of those guys, but it is all about him. That is why he has never won a championship. He is selfish and now has been exposed as a cheat. I doubt that the players standing next to him will be doing so by choice. The A-Fraud continues. A sad day for Yankee baseball. A phrase that was once synonymous with teamwork.

  4. You are a moron.

    Can we please examine YOUR life, expose all the mistakes you’ve ever made, and then judge you?

    Maybe his teammates are there b/c they realize that he MADE A MISTAKE and they forgive him.

    I hope you fall off your high horse and break your f’ing neck.

  5. Dave Silvestri Fan Club

    ARod…blah blah blah….steroids…blah blah blah….boo Yankees….blah blah blah….

    Hey Jeff, still waiting for that defense of calling Selena Roberts a “top flight reporter”. Anytime you’re ready….

  6. none of you idiots are even smart enough to grasp the concept that A-Rod tested positive while he was playing for THE TEXAS RANGERS.

    making this about the yankees just reveals how dumb you are.

  7. I guess you were never part of a team huh Jeffy? Talk about sackless and Bulls$%#, that’s exactly what I think of you after reading this pile of crap.

  8. Read your account on Deadspin, and I’d have to say that likening this to Jayson Blair and Stephen Glass is quite asinine. Did you work directly with those guys (I honestly don’t know)? Was there a culture in sportswriting that pretty much supported plagiarism with a don’t ask/don’t tell philosophy, as baseball did with steroids? I’m not condoning what ARod or his teammates have done, but I think your logic refuting the Yankees behavior is faulty at best. Saying you can relate, then using an irrelative example is not a good way to make a point, imo. It smacks of another hardline sportswriter stance, with little to no logic behind it, that was formulated to drive page views and reader response. That you did this on a blog, and assumedly with no provocation from an editor, makes me think less of you as an objective writer.

  9. And did you really vomit back into your cheerio bowl? Was seeing the Yankees at the press conference that surprising and/or disgusting that you physically convulsed?

    Unless you can honestly tell me that you did, this hyperbole was unnecessary and only makes your stance look more contrived.

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